Sports & Recreation

Activities for Kids: Exercises for Children in Wheelchairs

Physical activity is important for all children, including those children with special needs.  Even in a classroom with children who do not use wheelchairs, those who do have wheelchairs can still participate in modified activities.

Activities for Kids: Chase Games

Most of us have played the classic game of tag at some point in our lives, and we continue to pass on this activity to our kids.  Make this classic chase game more fun with a few variations.

Balloon Tag

College of Adaptive Arts: Enabling Adults with Special Needs

While there are staggering reports that adults with special needs are not participating in daily recreational activities, the College of Adaptive Arts is changing the lives of many of these individuals.

Is Karate in Your Child's IEP?

We spoke about afterschool enrichment programs last month and now I’d like to discuss curriculum based programs that may be included in a child’s IEP.