Easy Children's Songs to Learn on Guitar

Anyone who has taken a guitar lesson or picked up the instrument knows it’s not necessarily an easy one to play.  Many people have dreams of being a rock star, and with two chords, you can be a rock star for children.

Activities for Kids: Chase Games

Most of us have played the classic game of tag at some point in our lives, and we continue to pass on this activity to our kids.  Make this classic chase game more fun with a few variations.

Balloon Tag

Activities of Daily Living for Special Needs Children

Many parents for special needs children know the term “activities of daily living,” also referred to as ADL.  These activities are the basic tasks of everyday life, and they include tasks such as eating, bathing, clothing, and toileting.  For most children, these tasks are learned relatively easily and become a part of a daily routine.  For children with special needs, these tasks might be more difficult and might require constant reminding or rewards for completing the activities of daily living.

Sensory Boards for Special Needs

Sensory processing disorders cause children to have a distorted sense of their surroundings, which often interrupts their learning and exploration of their world.  Sensory integration is our brain’s ability to interpret and respond to sensory information, and those with sensory processing disorder often have difficulty integrating and responding to this information.

College of Adaptive Arts: Enabling Adults with Special Needs

While there are staggering reports that adults with special needs are not participating in daily recreational activities, the College of Adaptive Arts is changing the lives of many of these individuals.

Equine Therapy: Connecting Through Emotions

Being an Equine Specialist for the Papillion Center for FASD has changed my life in the best way.  I got certified through EAGALA in 2010.  However, it wasn't until 2011 that we got a horse.  In one trip we actually ended up with two horses.  A Thoroughbred retired race horse that had been abused, neglected and abused again.  And then there was a family Quarter-horse who was Alfa on his land.

Music Appreciation for Every Need

The American Youth Symphony performed their first of three concerts in the Elfman Project, a series that features the work of beloved film composer Danny Elfman.  The audience was a varied group of AYS members, the player’s families, UCLA alum, fellow composers, and Elfman fans.

May Flowers

To continue the theme from last month, “April showers bring May Flowers” I would like to present three flower themed ideas for your family to enjoy. Spring weather doesn’t always cooperate so kids can spend a rainy afternoon making flowers for a Mother’s day gift. If they are more interested in science they may enjoy making a white carnation turn colors.

KiD'n TOGETHER: Making Music and Building Community


Alex & Ben, The Meisel Brothers

Making Music and Building Community that is Special-Needs-Connected

Is Karate in Your Child's IEP?

We spoke about afterschool enrichment programs last month and now I’d like to discuss curriculum based programs that may be included in a child’s IEP.