Children and Parents

Summer Eye Healthcare

With summer firmly in place, there is something we must not forget. And no, it’s not sunscreen! It’s your eye health!

We recently had a chance to talk to Dr. Elise Brisco, Co-founder of the Rehabilitative Vision Clinic at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, about eye health. Here’s what she had to say:

Helping the Siblings of Children on the Spectrum

I often wonder how my son appears through my daughter’s eyes.  She adores him; this is clear.  But what does she make of the sudden outbursts, the seemingly unprovoked anger, and the daily challenges that a family with a child on the spectrum lives with?  How does she feel about the attention and resources that are focused on her big brother?  How will she feel later, as she grows up and learns to cope with the world in ways he simply cannot?  Will she act as his protector?  Will

Special Needs

What exactly are special needs? Most of us have heard the term “children with special needs”, but the reality is that there are many different conditions that a child may have in order to fall into the category of being a child with special needsChildren with autism are considered to have special needs while those with select mutism, dyslexia, behavioral or learning disabilities are also considered to be children with special needs.