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Through Rejection I learned Acceptance

The Webster’s dictionary definition of the word reject is: 1 to refuse to accept, recognize, believe, etc. 2 To refuse to grant: deny, as a petition. 3 To refuse (a person) recognition, acceptance, etc. 4. To expel; react against physiologically. 5 To castaway as worthless; discard. A person or thing that has been rejected.

A Great Day at the Special Olympics in Long Beach

 The Most Extraordinary Experience I’ve Ever Witnessed!

by Robin Flutterby Borakove, Special Olympics World Games Correspondent

Westwood Village Improvement Association Supports Special Olympics

As they are nearing the end of an amazing week of fundraising for the Special Olympic World Games LA 2015, I met with one of the organizers of the campaign, Megan Furey, Marketing and Communications Manager. She told me that not only are they encouraging the businesses in Westwood Village to support by donating proceeds for the Special Olympics, but they’re also hosting a Torch Run. On July 24th, the day before opening ceremonies begin, the Olympic Torch will make it’s way through Westwood Village before it enters the campus of UCLA, where a large portion of games will be held.

Jayson Warsuma, Global Messenger, has a 1000-Kilowatt Smile!

I asked Jayson if we would meet me for an interview and he thoughtfully invited me to one of his favorite locations, The Beverly Center. I was pleased as he offered me a bottle of water! Jayson was as excited as I was to do the interview, judging from his amazing smile.

Einstein was called "The Dopey One"

Kabalarian Philosophy recognizes the power of a name. The value of names has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. Everyone recognizes himself or herself by name.

The question is: how does a name influence a person's character?

Danny Harris, former Olympian says "Check your ego at the door ..."

... it is not always going to end with the five rings!"

On my journey to finding the True Heroes of our time, I was fortunate enough to hear about one particular coach who is highly regarded by the parents of his special needs athletes. While interviewing Laura Cook and her parents, an Olympian that holds records in the 500-meter and others, she mentioned that her coach Danny Harris is one of her heroes. A phone call later, I got an interview with the man himself! Yes, Laura was right, Danny Harris is one of our heroes and here is why.

2015 Special Olympics World Games partners with Herbalife

Many gathered about as Herbalife announced their support for the Special Olympics World Games. What a great day to see a face-off between LA Galaxy players Omar Gonzalez and Jaime Penedo! The wonderful folks from FleishmanHillard provided us with the following release.

 Games Supplier will provide 300,000 nutrition bars for athletes, coaches, volunteers and guests, and host the organizing committee’s Uniform Distribution and Credentialing Center 

Anita DeFrantz, President of LA84, Has a “SHERO”

When Anita was a child she was not given the opportunity to play sports. She grew up with 3 brothers and was the only girl on her block. She substituted sports with music, finding a place in the choir, which gave her the “team” experience, but was definitely not sports. As I Interviewed Anita, her story hit close to home as I also grew up in a prominently boys’ world.

100 Days until we meet our Real Heroes

What a treat for this correspondent to be part of today’s press conference. April 16th 2015 marks “100 Days” until the Special Olympics World Games kicks off this July. As everyone gathered to hear from former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, President of LA2015 Patrick Mc Clenahan, and Olympian Julie Foudy, the energy was absolutely electric at the LA84 facility. The global messengers were excited to present the press and the world with the new medals for this year’s 2015 games.  There will be 7,000 athletes from 177 countries participating in this global event.