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 Blessing in Disguise by Robin Flutterby Borakove

Seeing the world through my eyes is amazing for several reasons, but it’s also been one of my biggest challenges. For most people, all sound information projects up to a certain part of our brain, the auditory cortex.

For me, all information turned into images and pictures, which caused big distractions and prevented me from listening.

Life With Asperger’s Syndrome by Robin Flutterby Borakove

Hello, I’m Robin Flutterby Borakove, high functioning adult with special needs, now a correspondent for, covering the Special Olympics World Games and other amazing events. I invite you to follow my blog and learn about my quest for self healing and improving the quality of my life.

Heroes Are Real! Dain Blanton

In my first formal interview with one of my personal favorite Olympians, Dain Blanton, 2000 Gold Medalist Beach Volleyball, he tells us who his heroes are, why he is a mentor, and his thoughts on being a role model and motivational speaker.


Heroes Are Real

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What does it mean to have a hero to admire? Mendez High School students surely know, as they gather to support their talented peers participating in the Special Olympic World Games SOWG 2015.

Heroes in the Special Olympics

Heroes Are Real and I’m always on the lookout for them. We all need someone to believe in, someone great who inspires us to continue on when life becomes challenging.


In the weeks leading up to the Special Olympic World Games we will introduce you to many heroes that inspire, volunteer, and support this event and the truly talented group of individuals who participate in it. This is where my journey has led me...


Super Moms and Super Dads: Find Your Fortress of Solitude

As parents, we spend time every day taking care of the people we love. In fact, sometimes it seems we go from dawn to dusk (and beyond) existing to meet the needs of others. We’re familiar with the concept of Super Mom or Super Dad -- the self-sacrificing hero whose priority is the well-being of our families -- and it can feel good to play that role.

2015 Special Olympics World Games Announce Host Town Delegations

Today residents and leaders from more than 100 communities in Southern California learned if they would be saying Bonjour!, ¡Hola!, ! مرحباً , 您好!, Привет! or Hello! beginning July 21 when they host 7,000 athletes and 3,000 coaches in the days prior to start of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. Delegates from as many as 170 Special Olympics Programs from around the world will spend three days and nights in communities stretching from San Luis Obispo to San Diego as part of the Host Town program -- enjoying a warm welcome to the U.S. Appoints International “Go-To" Pro

Due to few advances in the Nation's Report Card, has announced Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET as their International “Go-To" Pro. realizes that the nation’s report card needs to improve.  After an extensive search, they have named Bonnie Terry of their “Go-To” Pro.  Using her custom-designed "Awaken the Scholar Within Programs”, Terry has a record of realizing three years’ grade-level advancement in reading, writing and math gains for her students in just one year.

Our Special Lives - Down Syndrome

CaféMom introduces the YouTube series Our Special Lives. Each episode features a different family with a special needs child and we're able to take a look into their lives, their challenges and their joys.

Meet Jamie, Scott and their two-year old daughter Maddox and new baby MacGregor. Maddox has Robertsonian Translocation Down Syndrome, which means two of her chromosomes fused together.

Jamie describes Maddox as “very cheerful, happy, witty. She’s two, so she’s also terrible at times.”

Sixth Annual “Mardi Gras for Autism”

To support autism charities and special education, Bourbon Street Bar and Grill’s sixth annual FREE family carnival benefit, ‘Mardi Gras for Autism’ will be held outside Bourbon Street Bar & Grill in the adjacent Fullerton Train Depot parking lot located at 110 E. Commonwealth Ave. in Fullerton on Saturday, February 14, 2015 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.