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Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games 2015

Team Behind Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi 2014 and London 2012 Olympic Games to Produce the Ceremonies of Special Olympics World Games


FiveCurrents named executive producer for the world’s largest sports and humanitarian event in 2015


12 Activities to Promote Holiday Learning and Fun

Remember, when kids learn in a relaxed environment like playing a game, they retain what they learn at much higher rates, so get your educational fun games today! Here are a few tips:

World Games

With 7,000 athletes from over 177 countries competing, the 2015 World Games will be one for the ages!

LA2015 will feature 25 sports at venues throughout Los Angeles. Learn more about the World Games below.

Every two years, Special Olympics athletes come together to compete at the Special Olympics World Games. In 2015, over 7,000 athletes from 177 countries will descend upon Los Angeles to show the true meaning of courage, joy, and determination.

The World is Coming, Are YOU?

7,000 Athletes | 177 Countries | 25 Sports

Los Angeles is a city full of movie stars and all-stars. But in 2015, thousands of Special Olympics athletes will be the true stars. Arriving from all corners of the world, 7,000 athletes will show the world incredible courage, unwavering determination, and sheer joy.


Reading, Improving Writing, and Study Skills

Reading, Improving Writing, and Study Skills

As a parent you often find that your child need a boost with learning reading, writing, or study skills. I know I did! My kids, I have two sons and a daughter, and they are like everyone else’s kids, they did drive me a bit crazy with the homework wars by the middle of November and I wondered if they’d ever stop.

“Ask the Developmental Doc” A Thanksgiving Dilemma

Around this time of the year most of us are planning the menu for a grand Thanksgiving meal for family and friends. The problem is if anyone in your family or friendship circle is impacted by autism spectrum disorder then often sensory aversion to certain types and textures of foods characteristically makes that person beyond picky about what he/she puts into their mouth. Some families opt out of the hassle by not getting involved in holiday festivities, but rather than make things easier, this option often makes people feel isolated.

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As a dyslexia and ADHD expert I know kids often struggle with learning. And, I know that parents try their best to help their children. After all, I believe we as parents have two missions in life. The first is to be our best selves and the second is to help our kids be their best self. When you kids struggle with learning, it is difficult for both of you to be your best self. But what if it could be easier? Is it possible?

A Good Teether Can Be a Sanity Saver!

A good teether can be a sanity saver, just ask any mommy with a fussy baby! The new Nawgum teether will be your new BFF in baby oral support. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, Nawgum helps soothe each stage of tooth development, from gums to incisors and even far-reaching molars.

Survivor host Jeff Probst Speaks Out for Organ Donation

The Taylor’s Gift Foundation is all about giving the gift of life.

The Beginning with Taylor

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Kids, is To Take Care of Yourself

Parenting any child is no easy task, but when you have a child with a developmental and/or physical disability, life often revolves around the needs and services that your child has. And too often, your own needs are left on the side unaccounted for. I was recently on an airplane flight and as part of the safety introduction the stewardess advised parents that in case of an emergency, the best way to help your child was to first make sure that you own oxygen mask was securely fastened.