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Getting Out of Our Own Way -- Making Independence possible for my child with special needs

I have had the pleasure to know mothers and fathers of special needs children who have created their own schools or their own curriculums so their children could learn life skills and social skills, two of the key building blocks for independence, for two main reasons; first many schools are not including it their programs and secondly, to help other parents on their journey to prepare their child for real life.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Banking Your Newborn's Cord Blood

Medical practitioners and medical research scientists are fully aware of the benefits that can be gained from collecting umbilical cord blood after the birth of your baby.

Cord blood can be used for stem cell transplants which will help your body to grow new bone marrow and other vital tissues. Here are five good reasons why you should consider the option of banking your newborn’s cord blood.

Helping a family member

Princess Merida Giveaway!

In honor of the coronation of Disney's newest princess, Merida, Family Magazine Group is sponsoring a giveaway. The winners will receive a special gift package from Disney, which includes:

How to Talk with Kids About Tragic Events in the News

When a frightening and tragic event such as a the Boston marathon bombing, school shooting, terrorist attack, or a natural disaster occurs, children may understandably have lots of questions and concerns. In some cases, they may experience some anxiety , and worry that something similar could happen to them or to their loved ones.

Living with Marfan Syndrome

 “Where is Godzilla?” my neighbor asked with a chuckle in her voice.   A relaxing afternoon at the park took an immediate turn when I realized my adult neighbor was referring to my young daughter, Hadley.  I was literally speechless….how does a young mother respond to such a senseless question?   Crushed and bewildered, I walked over to where she was playing to protect her from harm.  Three years later, we discovered Hadley’s extreme height was only the beginning of a series of challenges and health issues that would plague my daughter for the rest

Gailynn Gluth Speaks About Autism Speaks’ Inaugural Autism Investment Conference

Gailynn Gluth, founder and CEO of Wynsum Arts, wrote this blog post for Autism Speaks chronicling her presentation and involvement with Autism Speaks First Autism Investment Conference. 


Congratulations to all the Family Choice Awards winners
The "Family Choice Awards" recognize the best in children's and parenting resources. Now in it's 17th year, the "Family Choice Award" is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer award programs in the nation. These awards serve as our recommendation of these winning products to families across America.
Does Bipolar make you Procrastinate?

No it’s not a sexual perversion!  I love malapropisms. A favourite is the Judge who becomes exasperated with a gum chewing defendant and tells the Bailiff to have him stop masticating. The Bailiff leans over and says ‘Oi you, take your hands out of your pockets’

Teaching- “What we have learned and how has it changed us”

Whenever we encounter a new student or client, in many cases a label is attached. Often we are told the child is "difficult" or "challenging". Over time, we have learned that those words do not pertain to the individual. Those are words that others use because they have found certain behaviors difficult or challenging to deal with.

12 Best Special Needs Apps of 2012-Special Education

Dear Developmental Doc:

I have a 14 year -old son who has high functioning autism. He loves anything to do with the computer but has a tendency to use technology as a way to hide from social and emotional experiences. I was reading about recent technological breakthroughs where computer apps actually encourage social/emotional and developmental growth. Do you have any recommendations? Lucille M.-Oxnard, CA.

Dear Lucille,