Children and Parents

The External Brain: Understanding Brain Injuries

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Acquired brain injury is not the kind of thing anyone wants or plans on so unless you know someone who has it, you wouldn't know...but maybe you should. There are two known types of brain injury.

Bipolar Pride and Prejudice

Did you know that last month history marked the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Jane Austen’s best known work?

As most will know it’s about love and how irrationally held views and emotions can easily scupper relationships.

Designing a Future for a Child with Special Needs

Making decisions for others is never easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things one can do for someone, especially if that person is their child. When a family is coping with mental illness and intense special needs and a parent is charged with not only choosing interventions to support what a child’s life will look like as they grow but also what their adulthood will look like long after they themselves are deceased, the challenge becomes overwhelming.

Functional Based Curriculum is NOT the end of the Road

I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed the look of loss in the eyes of parents when school district personnel say, “Your student would be better served in a functional based program”.  At that moment the walls are go up and the hopes for their son or daughter to enjoy a positive quality of life, like everyone else, deteriorate.

Your Plastic Brain Gurus, Part One:  Build a Better Brain

For centuries, scientists believed that when you reached adulthood, your brain was finished developing, and the only way it could change was to worsen by aging, disease, or accidents. This meant you were stuck with your brain’s limitations for the rest of your life. So of course, they believed dyslexia was a fixed condition and not capable of changing or of being reversed.

Special Needs In Our Homes: A National Discussion That Must Continue

Our family’s story became a national discussion when, after years of unsuccessful advocating for support for our mentally and organically disabled daughter, we made a decision to send her to live with another family in another state where she would be able to get the support that eluded us.

Made it Ma! - Top of the World?

Do over bearing Mothers create mental problems?

I abhor speaking ill of the dead, and of that ghastly modern trend to state you were abused by someone now dead as a way of explaining your criminal behaviour.


The Guilt of Extra Curriculars

Last week, my daughter had her first knitting class and she LOVED it!

Until now, my kids have only attended classes or groups if they are offered by groups that can manage my son’s needs. My daughter has bugged me for years about joining swimming, gymnastics, knitting, etc classes. Each time, I would tell her that I would look into it, and hope the topic didn’t come up again. I grew up doing A LOT of extra-curricular activities: ballet, skating, soccer, band, orchestra, etc. I was never home directly after school other than to grab my skates. ;)

The 14th Special Olympics World Summer Games

The 14th Special Olympics World Summer Games is coming to Los Angeles! Over 7000 Special Olympic from 170 nations will compete in the 2015 games taking place in Los Angeles, CA. More than half a million people will attend!

This will be the first time in 16 years since this event takes place in the United States, and the second time since 1972 that Los Angeles has the honor of hosting it.