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Avoidance Parenting -- Are You Out Enough?

I am a multi-faceted Mommy. If my job were likened to a circus act, I would most certainly be a juggler… who juggles angry rattle snakes… while riding a motorcycle… on a trapeze. Yes -- that would be me up there. You can be my audience. I’ll try not to drop a snake on you.

Throwing Parents a Life Preserver

In San Jose California in March 2012, a mother of a child with autism shot her son and then herself

I wrote this piece that evening

WHERE Were We? (A professional’s introspection on that awful day)

How To Tell Your Child You Have MS

Full disclosure:  I don’t have kids.  But this is such an important topic that I decided to read up on it and summarize the highlights.  And, I consulted with a good friend in South Carolina, Dr. Dale Dingledine, a psychotherapist, founder of the Greenville Center for Mindfulness, and an expert in mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Resources to Reduce Stress in Parents

One of the biggest challenges that parents of children on the autism spectrum must cope with is their own stress. How you manage your stress can be a huge factor in both the quality of your own life and in the life of your child.

Ten Asperger's Traits of Women

1) We are deep philosophical thinkers and writers; gifted in the sense of our level of thinking. Perhaps poets, professors, authors, or avid readers of nonfictional genre. I don’t believe you can have Aspergers without being highly-intelligent by mainstream standards. Perhaps that is part of the issue at hand, the extreme intelligence leading to an over-active mind and high anxiety. We see things at multiple levels, including our own place in the world and our own thinking processes.

Aren't We All Special? Don't We All Have Needs?

As an adult looking back I realize I have always had special needs people in my life.  More so I have often felt special needs myself from time to time.  This is now what my life revolves around.  Special needs is in my life through my family, my work, and if we are honest it is in everyone's everyday.  But for me the Special needs people in my life are just what makes my life special.

RADs and Cutting

January 21, 2011.  It was a day that started off like any other day, except about noonish I found out that my daughter had skipped school.  I rushed home and called around but nobody had seen her.  Then, about 4 p.m.

On Being a Military Wife and Mother

My name is Xiomara Montes, I am 35 years old, born on the island of Puerto Rico. I have 5 years of marriage, and my husband served in the U.S. Armed Forces. We have 3 beautiful children, two girls and one boy. Our first daughter is 10 years, a very intelligent girl and academically excels in school. Our boy, who is 2 years old, is the baby of the house, happy, always smiling and very active.

Dora's Story

Hi everyone. How are you all today? As for me, good. Just chillin in my bedroom on Skype.