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Special Mothers

If you are a mother, you are connected to your children in an extraordinary way -- feeling their pain, shedding tears together, and celebrating in their triumphs, no matter how large or small. You persevere, even when exhausted. You smile, even when sad. You give and give, even when depleted. You encourage, even when less than hopeful. You are compassionate, even when stressed. You always have your child’s back, even when others may have turned their backs on you. 

The 7000 Habits of Highly Imperfect Parents

Imperfect parenting as seen through the eyes a CHImP.

If you've read many books on special needs parenting and blogs, you’ve probably noticed that many of the authors have lots of impressive initials after their name.

I, however, don’t.

Asperger's Syndrome: Cure or Acceptance

In light of autism awareness month, I have been pondering exactly what autism awareness means. As a neurotypical living within a family sprinkled with aspergians, I have learned most likely more from my family than them from me. Mostly, to step out of my own little box and attempt to perceive the world from the eyes of an individual other than myself.

Hazardous Parenting

Hazardous Parenting:

How to Regain and Maintain Your Life While Raising a Child with Dis-Regulated Behaviours and Behavior Disorders

The "Othering" of Autism

When going to the cinema, I love the previews almost as much as actually getting to see the movie.  But on this weekend’s movie trip, the pre-movie advertising proved to be infuriating.

Siblings of Special Needs Children

As special needs children most often get more than their “share” of their parent’s attention, siblings of special needs kids also have their own special needs.  Licensed marriage and family therapist Rachel Bernstein gives parents some tips for caring for siblings of special needs children.

June Cleaver I am Not

There are many, many times I feel I am a substandard mom, and I hold June Cleaver personally responsible. Well, her, Carol Brady, Marion Cunningham, Cliff & Clair Huxtable, Elyse and Steven Keaton and maybe even Marge Simpson.

Your Marriage and Family as a Team

Marriage by itself can be a hard thing to maintain -- when you add a special needs child to the family, the stress placed on the system and the marriage can cause friction.  Follow some tips from licensed marriage and family therapist Rachel Bernstein to work as a team and help you maintain a healthy marriage. 

Emma Ate a Slice of Pizza

Emma ate a slice of pizza last night.

The Risk of Autism

The CDC recently released their latest findings which state that autism is now found in 1 out of 88 children in the United States.  This can be further divided into boys (1 in 54) and girls (1 in 252).