Schools and Education

Schools for At-Risk Children

The right school is the key to your child’s educational success.  However, if your child has learning disabilities or personality disorders, finding the right school for him can be a challenge.  Many of these children are considered “at-risk,” and other schools do not want to help.  

Appropriate Measures of Physical Restraint

On April 24, 2012, a mother of a special needs child reported her son was restrained in a choke hold by a school supervisor on the bus.  Even when she was there to pick up her son, the supervisor would not release her son until the police arrived.  A confrontation between mother Anna Hines, her son Lukas, and the supervisor lasted for four minutes.

No More Us Against Them

No More Us against Them; Time for Us and Them…one professional’s perspective

Special Glasses

How often do you enter a place of business, such as a hospital, school, or fortune 500 company and you immediately come face to face with its mission statement?  Do you read that statement?  Do you know the purpose behind such a statement?  In a perfect world, the purpose of creating a mission statement is to guide the institution in terms of its direction.   Ideally, all decisions would be made with that mission statement in mind and as the guiding force.  Do you think that a mission statement can be effective?  It sure can!  In fact, a quick

Getting Acquainted with Special Education

Special education is a program designed to meet and protect children with unique needs.  Special education can serve many children of many different types of disabilities, from physical disabilities to mental disabilities or learning disabilities.  Perhaps your child has special needs and would benefit in a special education program, or perhaps your child received a referral for an evaluation to be placed in special education.

Achievement and Learning Centers

Achievement and Learning Centers for Students with Learning Disabilities

Working with Special Needs Children

Many people spend their lives searching for a career that be not only financially lucrative, but also emotionally fulfilling.  For those who want to make a difference in the lives of others, and earn a special place in someone's heart along with their paycheck, working with special needs children is a great way to accomplish those goals.  There are a wide variety of jobs available working with special needs children, all of which are equally important when it comes to helping those children devel

What is Special Education and is it Right for Your Child?

When it comes to your child and their education, it is natural to only want the best.  However, if your child has special needs or a learning disability, a regular classroom setting may not be best for them.  In fact, your child may be learning less in a regular classroom setting because the instruction is too confusing and frustrating for them.  To help your child succeed with their needs and disability, it is a good idea to see if special education is a good fit for them.

Best Educational Formats for ADD/HD Children

An article in USA Today reported that home schooling has been on a steady rise for the last five years and that the reasons for home schooling have shifted.  There are now 1.5 million children being home schooled, which is up 74% since they first started keeping track of numbers in 1999.

Special Ed Schools in California

Finding the Right Special Ed School in California

California parents of special needs children will be happy to know that there are several special ed schools available. These schools range from private academies to non-public schools, which are schools that are free of cost, yet are only available for special needs students.  Special education schools offer students the unique opportunity to be with similar students who also have special needs and learning disabilities.