Children and Parents

Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s Legacy Lives On

It’s a bittersweet time for us at during the closing ceremonies of the Special Olympics World Games LA2015. Endless hours of work went into making this, the largest sporting event of its kind, the colossal success that it was. We have done our best to bring you stories and photos about the athletes, supporters, sponsors, and family members.

Tim Shriver Speaks With Moo Sung Kim, South Korea’s Chairman of the Supreme Council at Special Olympics

Photo Credit: Freddie B. Photography™

Last but not least, DAY 7 Special Olympics,

Awards Ceremony 200-Meter Kayaking Competition LA2015

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Costa Rica Takes the Win For Women’s Basketball

Photo Credit: Freddie B. Photography™


The USC Campus, home of the Trojans basketball teams, is on a break, and it’s a good thing because they have some pretty fierce competition on their courts.

Rafer Johnson Continues to Nurture Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s Dream!

Photo Credit: Freddie B. Photography™ was able to attend several of the locations where the games were being held, ranging from USC, Los Angeles Equestrian Center, and Alamitos Beach in Long Beach. I will take you on a brief tour of the competitions, where assigned photographer Freddie Bommer was able to capture the human spirit at its finest.

Next Stop for Kayaking In Long Beach, CA

Day 3 Of Special Olympic World Games

Light ocean breeze and plenty of sunshine welcomed us as we arrived on the scene to see the athletes waiting for the kayaking time trials to begin. There were teams from Costa Rica, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, USA and many others. As my photographer, Freddie B. was scoping out the best vantage point for action shots of the athletes, I made my way to the stands and met with parents of Team GB.

What do Nancy O’Dell, Michelle Kwan, and Johnny Bananas have in common?

The Special Olympics World Games LA2015 of course! As do so many other folks from all over the world. No other event can you go to that is really a depiction of “It’s 
A Small World!”

The World Unites for Special Olympics World Games LA2015

Day 1 -- The Games have now officially begun and we were out at the UCLA campus, home of the Special Olympics for decades. UCLA was filled with people supporting one another and no one was happier than the athletes themselves.

The First Lady Michelle Obama: “Let the LA 2015 Special Olympic World  Games Begin!”

 There wasn't a dry eye in the house when a young special needs entrepreneur Tim Harris, a special needs adult, introduced the First Lady, Michelle Obama, to the stage at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.