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Go To Pro: Executive Function Problems? What Does Homework Have to do with That?

Executive function is the ability plan, organize, strategize, and pay attention to and remember details. Quite a mouthful! So if you have problems with executive function, you typically have problems with:

Go to Pro - Back to School - 5 Steps to School Success

The kids are back to school or will be back very soon. Are their ways you can help them have school success? Can this year be different than last year? 

The answer is yes! You can enhance your child's school performance, whether your child has a learning disability, ADHD, or other learning challenges. Join Bonnie Terry on the 5 Steps to School Success Webinar. It will surely help boost your child's school success.

Go to Pro Answering Your Questions: What is the difference between a 504 Plan and an IEP and what can I do to help my child?

504 Plans vs the  IEP

Simply stated, a 504 Plan is a plan that ‘levels the playing field’ so to speak for your child. It is the plan of accommodations that is tailored specifically to your child's needs that reduces or eliminates challenges that may impede learning. Eligibility for a 504 plan states that the student has a disability such as ADHD that adversely impacts them at school.

Go to Pro: Help for Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism - Video Lessons

School Can Be Easier Than You Think

For those of us that have children that struggle, school is often a time of stress. Will this school year be just like last year or will this year be the year that reading, spelling, writing, and math actually get easier?

This year can be the one that really changes the trajectory for your child. This school year can be the year that your child actually turns the corner.

Top 5 Ways to Make Back to School Time Easy + Best Special Needs Programs

Back to school time is right around the corner. Some children will be heading back to school as early as August 12th; others won’t start back until after Labor Day. With this in mind, this is the perfect time to start thinking about the transition from summer vacation to being back in school. You know as well as I do, the transition back to school often gets difficult, especially when your child has struggled with learning or has a special need.

Top 5 Back to School Tips for Success

(See Back to School Special Below)

Go to Pro Answering Your Questions: Is it too late to improve my kids learning skills before school starts up again?

It's already the middle of July...is it too late to improve my kids learning skills before school starts up again?

Go to Pro: Family Activities Improve Learning Skills

Family activities are one of the best ways to improve learning skills. Going on field trips - and then doing the twist after field trip activity builds not only a good family bonding time but also improves memory skills, comprehension skills, writing skills, even drawing skills.

Get your complimentary BT Family Activity Book here and be sure to watch the video below for more ways to give your child an academic edge with summer fun.

Go to Pro Answering Your Questions: Do All Autistic Learners Require Special Needs Assistance?

Please can you tell me if all autistic learners require special needs

To begin with, let me give you a few common charasteristics of those in the autism spectrum. Then I'll answer your question.

Autism Spectrum Symptoms or "Red Flags"

As you know, those with autism can vary in their abilities as well as communication, social skills, interests, and behaviors. Some students have severe difficulties and others just minor. So the first thing to look at with this question is some overall red flag behaviors of autism.

Go to Pro Answering Your Questions: Where do I find a list of good books my kids can read this summer?

A Parent’s Question…Where do I find a list of good books my kids can read this summer?

What a wonderful question! As a parent I’m sure you know that all books are not created equal, so you do want to know which books will be the really good ones. There are several sources you can go to, to find lists of really good books. The BT Family Activity Book (download a complimentary copy here) divides the books into age groups.

Here is just a short list: