Bridging the Healthcare Gap

As a parent and a doctor, I have plenty of experience with our fragmented and confusing healthcare system. I have seen firsthand the challenges faced by patients who navigate it. From the first sign of illness to the last medical bill, our healthcare system throws far too many obstacles at patients and the families who care for them--and no one faces greater obstacles than families with special needs. 

More States Updating Autism Insurance Reform

Nearly 75 percent of states in the U.S. are reforming insurance benefits for children with autism.  These reforms will include ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, as an approved treatment for autism.

Governor Cuomo: Protecting the Disabled

News reports of abuse against individuals with disabilities have been exploding across the news.  Stories of children being left on the bus, subjected to electroshock therapy, and even parents sending kids to school with a wire because of suspected abuse from teachers have all surfaced and are cause for concern regarding the disability care system.

Legislature to Limit Patient Costs for Therapy

Legislation is pending in Pennsylvania, Missouri, and New York for limiting the amount insurers can charge patients for physical, speech, and occupational therapy.  South Dakota and Kentucky lawmakers have already passed laws regarding these measures.

Appealing Denials of Insurance Coverage

Appealing Denials of Insurance Coverage for Medical Treatment

Your child’s health insurance carrier has denied coverage for a certain medical procedure or treatment.  What’s your next step?

Autism Coverage Bills

With the rise of autism awareness comes further state legislature for autism medical coverage.  Both Florida and Michigan have passed autism coverage bills for review.  These bills are intended to help families in need pay for necessary therapy for children with autism.

Is Lying Against a Doctor's Moral Code?

According to Arizona state officials, no it’s not.  The new legislature, which states that doctors who fail to clearly articulate an unborn child’s risk of birth defects are protected against malpractice suits, is meant to prevent women from having abortions.  The Senate proposed this bill that would eliminate malpractice suits against doctors who allegedly did not make clear the risks of defects or disabilities of an unborn child.

Blue Shield to Cover Autism Therapy

Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Co. agreed this week to immediately cover the cost of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for autism patients. This decision was the result of a settlement with state regulators, stemming from a dispute this past July when California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones filed an enforcement action against Blue Shield. “This favorable settlement agreement eliminates the frustration and insecurity so many families have faced when seeking autism treatment for their children,” Jones said in a statement.