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The Future of Special Needs Care

While the special needs population continues to grow, government funding is decreasing.  In late March 2012, the CDC announced that 1 in 88 children have autism, and a research study estimated the annual cost of autism in the United States is $126 billion, more than triple the amount in 2006.  And that’s just one diagnosis.

L.A. to Pay $2.1 Million in Legal Fees

The Los Angeles City Council agreed to pay $2.1 million in legal fees to a disability group for neglecting to include evacuation procedures for individuals with disabilities.

Reasons Not to Hire a Special Needs Attorney

In the fight for your child’s special education, there may be issues along the way.  While special education was designed to meet children’s unique learning needs, there are many times when a certain teacher or the school board cause more harm than good.  In these cases, you as the parent need to step in and be your child’s advocate.  You may even consider hiring a special needs attorney.

Why Do You Need a Special Needs Attorney?

As a parent, there are going to be many times when you have to fight for your child’s education.  This fight is even more prevalent if you are a parent of a special needs child or a child with a learning disability.  Many times you will be able to resolve the issue with the school district, but other times it may seem like your are a small voice fighting against the wind.

What to Look for in a Special Needs Attorney

If you have a child with special needs, you may find yourself in certain circumstances that require you to go to court and to use a special needs attorney.  No matter what the case is, the right attorney is essential to find.  The wrong attorney can end up overcharging you, not doing a thorough job, and just lack the care and understanding of your child and the situation that one should have.

Questions to Ask Your Attorney Before Hiring Them

How to Select a Special Needs Attorney: Questions to Ask Your Attorney Before Hiring Them

As a parent of a special needs child, you don’t plan on needing a special needs attorney, yet sometimes certain circumstances just come up.  While you may be feeling stress from these issues, one thing that should not stress you out is your special needs attorney.  The right attorney will help you and your case while making you feel confident.

Suitable Housing Options for Your Special Needs

Suitable housing is one of the most important factors for independent living for persons with special needs.  It can also be one of the most expensive, both in terms of capital investment and annual costs.  Use a business approach to carefully plan for your child's future well beyond your own lifetime.

Protecting Assets for Child with a Disability

Estate planning and lifetime planning for parents with a child with a disability present special challenges. The goals of the parents are to utilize their assets in such away to enrich their child’s life while, at the same time, preserving the child's public benefits.

Estate Planning Options

Parents of a child with a disability have four options with respect to estate planning:

Special Needs Advocacy 101

"Is my child getting all the services he/she needs or am I falling behind?"

"My son is a year old, but all he does is make noises, I’ve never heard any words come out of his mouth.   I’ve mentioned this to the pediatrician on numerous occasions and the doctor just tells me not to worry.  He says my son will talk when he is ready.  What does that mean?"

Planning for Health Care Decision Making

Planning for health care decision making includes two key components:

1. Preparation of a written advance directive, more commonly referred to as a living will, durable health care power of attorney, or health care proxy.

2. Appointing someone to be your trusted agent to speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself regarding health care decisions.

What are Advance Directives?