SSI Benefits for Children with Disabilities

The Social Security Administration, or SSA, offers some benefits for children with disabilities.  SSI, or Social Security Income, is typically paid to adults who are 65 and older and who meet low income and limited resources requirements; however, some children will also meet requirements for SSI payments.

Governor Cuomo: Protecting the Disabled

News reports of abuse against individuals with disabilities have been exploding across the news.  Stories of children being left on the bus, subjected to electroshock therapy, and even parents sending kids to school with a wire because of suspected abuse from teachers have all surfaced and are cause for concern regarding the disability care system.

The Future of Special Needs Care

While the special needs population continues to grow, government funding is decreasing.  In late March 2012, the CDC announced that 1 in 88 children have autism, and a research study estimated the annual cost of autism in the United States is $126 billion, more than triple the amount in 2006.  And that’s just one diagnosis.

L.A. to Pay $2.1 Million in Legal Fees

The Los Angeles City Council agreed to pay $2.1 million in legal fees to a disability group for neglecting to include evacuation procedures for individuals with disabilities.

Legislature to Limit Patient Costs for Therapy

Legislation is pending in Pennsylvania, Missouri, and New York for limiting the amount insurers can charge patients for physical, speech, and occupational therapy.  South Dakota and Kentucky lawmakers have already passed laws regarding these measures.

What is a Special Needs Trust Fund?

Many families of children with special needs make the common mistake of not setting up a trust fund.  The families think that there is no need to since they are still healthy and young, or they think it may be a waste since they do not have a lot of money saved up.  Both of these reasons are harmful excuses for not setting up a special needs trust fund.

What is a Living Revocable Trust?

No one likes to think about the circumstances that can take their life, especially when they have young children at home.  Sadly, situations can occur, and if the proper procedures are not taken while you were still alive, it can cause a lot of grief and even harm to your children after you are gone.  This idea is especially true if you have a child with special needs. 

Reasons Not to Hire a Special Needs Attorney

In the fight for your child’s special education, there may be issues along the way.  While special education was designed to meet children’s unique learning needs, there are many times when a certain teacher or the school board cause more harm than good.  In these cases, you as the parent need to step in and be your child’s advocate.  You may even consider hiring a special needs attorney.

Types of Special Needs Trust Funds

The whole purpose of a special needs trust fund, which can also be referred to as a supplemental needs trust, is to provide financial support for a disabled person without disqualifying them from receiving government assistance.  Trust funds are usually set up as an inheritance, but depending on the type of trust fund, can also be used while the disabled person’s parents or caregivers are still alive.

Setting Up a Special Needs Trust Fund

Life is unpredictable, especially if you are a parent of a child with special needs.  The one thing that should not be unpredictable is what would happen to your child if anything were to happen to you.  Making the proper plans now by setting up a trust fund can secure your child what he needs in the case of unlikely circumstances.  Parents of a child with special needs need a trust fund, regardless of their age or wealth.