Appointing a Trustee for Your Trust Fund

Appointing a Trustee for Your Special Needs Trust Fund

Why Do You Need a Special Needs Attorney?

As a parent, there are going to be many times when you have to fight for your child’s education.  This fight is even more prevalent if you are a parent of a special needs child or a child with a learning disability.  Many times you will be able to resolve the issue with the school district, but other times it may seem like your are a small voice fighting against the wind.

What to Look for in a Special Needs Attorney

If you have a child with special needs, you may find yourself in certain circumstances that require you to go to court and to use a special needs attorney.  No matter what the case is, the right attorney is essential to find.  The wrong attorney can end up overcharging you, not doing a thorough job, and just lack the care and understanding of your child and the situation that one should have.

Questions to Ask Your Attorney Before Hiring Them

How to Select a Special Needs Attorney: Questions to Ask Your Attorney Before Hiring Them

As a parent of a special needs child, you don’t plan on needing a special needs attorney, yet sometimes certain circumstances just come up.  While you may be feeling stress from these issues, one thing that should not stress you out is your special needs attorney.  The right attorney will help you and your case while making you feel confident.

The First Step of an I.E.P.

When enrolling your child with special needs or a learning disability into school, you may have heard the phrase I.E.P. tossed around a few times.  If this is your first child that needs to enter special education, the I.E.P. process can be a daunting one.  However, with a little research and help from other parents, you can secure your child a spot in special education without any problems.

Preparing for the First IEP Meeting

Enrolling your child into special education is the best thing you can do for your child if they have severe learning disabilities or special needs.  However, getting started with the program can be intimidating since there are so many steps and meetings.  Don’t feel overwhelmed by this new adventure; instead rely on helpful teachers or school administrators and other parents who have been down the same path before.

What Information is Included in an IEP?

Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) are established for special needs children or children with learning disabilities to ensure that they have an equal chance at learning and education.  The whole IEP process can be an intimidating and time-consuming one.  Your child’s individual IEP will contain a lot of different information regarding your child, his or her learning abilities and disabilities, as well as the extra resources and assistance the school will grant them.

Your Part in IEP Meetings

As you may have already discovered, getting a child enrolled in an Individual Education Plan, (IEP), and special education can be a momentous task.  However, once your child gets evaluated and approved into special education, things will get easier.  As your child’s advocate, IEP meetings are essential to getting your child the proper education they need for their unique needs.

Suitable Housing Options for Your Special Needs

Suitable housing is one of the most important factors for independent living for persons with special needs.  It can also be one of the most expensive, both in terms of capital investment and annual costs.  Use a business approach to carefully plan for your child's future well beyond your own lifetime.

Appealing Denials of Insurance Coverage

Appealing Denials of Insurance Coverage for Medical Treatment

Your child’s health insurance carrier has denied coverage for a certain medical procedure or treatment.  What’s your next step?