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A Lifesaving Medical ID That Travels Anywhere You Go

Let’s say you’re the kind of person who is always prepared. You carry a flashlight in your car, bandages in your purse, jumper cables in the trunk. But imagine, for a moment, the worst-case scenario: you’re in the middle of a medical emergency, the paramedics are on the scene, but they have no information about you or your child, your allergies, medications, or even your IDs!

Congratulations to NorthShore Care Supply

Congratulations to the NorthShore™ Supreme brief  & the NorthShore™ AirSupreme Brief , winners of the 2018 Family Choice Award!

The "Family Choice Awards" recognize the best in children's and parenting resources. The "Family Choice Award" is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer award programs in the nation. These awards serve as our recommendation of these winning products to families across America.
Once Upon a Sign: The Magic Mirror

“Once Upon a Sign” has a series of DVDs all performed in American Sign Language. They can be played with or without subtitles, and even though they are designed for the deaf, they are fun shows for kids who are not deaf.

Dolphin Tale 2 Combo Pack

Three years ago the world was introduced to Winter, a sweet dolphin that was injured and had to have her tail removed. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of many people, a prosthetic tail was created, allowing Winter to move more like she should. Dolphin Tale was the story of how Winter survived. Now, Dolphin Tale 2 continues on her story and introduces a new dolphin to viewers: Hope.

New Technology For Leg Bag Users: How the Freedom Flow™ II is Changing Lives

Asking for help with personal care can be uncomfortable at times. For some people it’s a daily occurrence. People using a catheter have to deal with the extra chore of emptying their leg bags, which can be problematic if they have limited mobility. This requires them to rely on a caregiver multiple times throughout the day just to get something done that should be fast and simple.


The Rib-it-Ball is a patented product originally created for a little boy born without eyes.  The challenge from the boy’s mother was to create a ball that is light weight, makes sound but does not require batteries, is easy to grasp and throw, and will not roll away.  The inventor, Bud Fraze, met that challenge with the Rib-it-Ball.  In addition to the auditory stimulation that the crinkle sound in each of the six ribs offers, the ribs are also designed to prevent the ball from rolling out of reach so that there is more “play time” and less “chase time.” The auditory

Special Needs App of the Day - iLearnNEarn

“We wanted to use technology to create fun educational tools that are simple for educators and parents to customize, that would reinforce the lessons being taught in the classrooms and that would effectively engage children.”

-- Nish Parikh, CEO of WebTeam Corporation


Special Needs App of the Day - Pufferfish Apps

 Pufferfish Apps

Two years ago, Megan Holstein (then 15 years old) set out to help her mom and her brother. Megan’s youngest brother has autism and is non-verbal. Megan’s mom sometimes expressed disappointment that she could not find an app that suited a specific need for her youngest son.

Megan bought a programming book, intent on teaching herself how to program. “But I didn’t like programming, so I asked my dad if he would invest in the app I wanted to make and we hired an outside programmer,” says Holstein, who is now 17.

Special Needs App of the Day - RocketKeys

“Once we identified the need for a better keyboard, our goal was to create the most accessible, most flexible talking keyboard available.”

-- Alex Levy, co-creator of RocketKeys


Rocket Keys