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Support Group Needs -- from a Parent's Perspective

Because I’m an extrovert to the core, I’m naturally a “joiner”. I’m part of Parents’ Council for both of my kids’ schools, Autism-related support groups, special needs-related support groups, moms groups, etc.

Not Dirt and Germs with the Amazing Mat

When people open their home to friends and family, they also open it to less desirable things like dirt and germs. The Amazing Mat lets you welcome guests in and keep dirt and germs out.

Product of the Week: KiD'n Together

Bridging blues, folk, Calypso, island, and barbershop styles of music, brothers Alex and Ben Meisel of KiD’n Together bring a love of music, education, and fun to your doorstep.

Vista Del Mar Holds First Sensory-Friendly Festival for Kids with Special Needs
Hundreds spend a fun-filled day at
Festival of Families event.
Product of the Week: Baby Signing Time

Your baby can communicate with you before he can talk; babies often point, wave, or blow kisses well before they say their first words.  It’s the way young children communicate, so why not help them use gestures to explain their needs and wants?  Baby Signing Time is a leading resource for teaching sign language to babies.

The Help Group Summer Camp Programs

The Help Group has four specialized day camp programs, which service kids ages 3- 21 with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs.  Our unique programs assist with social development in a structured, creative and exciting way.  The camp programs aim to prevent regression during the summer months when away from the school environment as well as to offer the camper the opportunity to acquiring new skills.  Each camp is specifically designed within a safe and nurturing environment so the camper can build confidence, self-esteem and independence.

Product of the Week: Jack Hunter

Many of us have experienced the interactive book; it’s not just a story, but an interactive game thrown into the mix gives it that extra spark.  In Martin King’s book Jack Hunter: Secret of the King, you will find clues to a secret code-breaker.  When you unlock the secret, you solve the mystery.

Disaster Preparedness Tips for Special Needs

Stormy weather or natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tornadoes, often scare any child, but these events can be magnified for children with special needs.  Most parents understand these disasters, but are you prepared?  Check out these tips for disaster preparedness.

1. Plan Ahead

Blue for Autism Awareness Month

Tell green to stand aside for a month -- April belongs to Autism Awareness.

In March of 2012, the CDC announced that the number of cases of autism in the United States rose to 1 in 88.  Autism is five times more likely to affect boys than girls, and children are being diagnosed as early as 3 years of age.

While autism has been a “buzz” word for the past few years, efforts for autism awareness have helped families of children with autism receive the proper care and services.

How Can You Light it Up Blue?

Sensory Friendly Films for Autism

Most children love going to the cinema, but while movie-going is a pleasant experience for many families, it can be difficult for families with children with autism.  The bright screen in a very dark room and the loud sounds from surrounding speakers is often over-stimulating and frightening for children with autism, and they often have to leave before the movie is over.  Still other children find it difficult to sit still or stay quiet for an entire film, leading to the disruption of other families.