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Is Myelin Content Related to Autism?

Research in recent years has shown that autism might be linked to white matter in the brain.  White matter is responsible for neuropathways and connections between regions of the brain, and it is also related to myelin, or the protective cover of each nerve and suggests the density of neural connections.  Brain connectivity mediated by myelinated axons might be altered or abnormal in autism. 

New Lullaby Device Helps Premature Babies

Jayne Standley, a researcher and professor at Florida State University, has been researching and pioneering new techniques for treating premature babies for several years.  FSU announced a new device that uses lullabies to help premature babies overcome growth hurdles.

How is the iPad Changing Lives of People with Special Needs?

As our App of the Day reviews continues to grow, we are constantly hearing parents of children with special needs say, “my kid LOVES his iPad.”  And yes, the word “LOVES” is in CAPS, italicized, or surrounded by exclamation points.  Many other parents say that traditional therapies do help, but when their children got an iPad, they made more improvements that put them on the level of their neurotypical peers.

Alternative Therapies: Inherent Risks and Effectiveness #1: Hyperbaric Oxygen

Bright Minds Institute

As the diagnosis of Autistic Syndrome (ASD) grows, there are many therapies utilized in this field that had not been scientifically assesse d and may potentially have negative effects on the patient.

Neurofeedback: Myth and Reality

Bright Minds Institute

The purpose of this paper is to present an objective view, governed by rigor and clarity, of so-called Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, and/or Neurotherapy.

Video Game Play Might Help Cerebral Palsy

Need a little exercise?  Try the Nintendo Wii.  A group of researchers discovered that video games, such as some provided by the Nintendo Wii, help individuals with cerebral palsy by giving them moderate physical activity, which helps prevent them from developing health issues like obesity or diabetes.

Eye Implants Restore Vision

Scientists in the UK have successfully restored sight for two British men who were completely blind.  These two men had retinis pigmentosa, which is a genetic condition that results in blindness.

Study: No Daily Activities for Adults with Disabilities

A study published January 2012 by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) says many adults with disabilities do not have regular daily activities.  This lack of educational-vocational activity leads to larger problems, such as depression, poor health, and less close sibling relationships.

The Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF) is changing the world of medical research, starting with developing a myelin repair therapeutic for multiple sclerosis faster than the status quo.

Preventing Autism from Epilepsy

Much research suggests that around 40 percent of all children with autism also have epilepsy.  This finding proposes that the two are linked, and a study published from the Boston Children’s Hospital suggests that a drug that has already demonstrated success and safety in children could prevent autism from developing after seizures.