Product of the Week: Pediatric Limb Immobilizers

Starting with a mother’s need to protect her son, The Medi-Kid Company has grown to make the widest variety of arm, leg, and wrist immobilizers on the market

Parents do not want to physically immobilize their children, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep them from complicating medical conditions or harming themselves. 

MS Heroes: Dr. Jean Martin Charcot

Everyone has heroes. I know I do. Some of mine are MS heroes. I plan, from time to time, to share my MS heroes with you, tell a bit about who they are and how they are important in the MS world.  My first MS Hero is Dr. Jean Martin Charcot (1825 - 1893).

  It just seems right to start with Dr. Charcot, because he was there in the beginning.  Jean Martin Charcot was a professor at the University of Paris while working at Salpetrière (Asylum) Hospital.

Cookies for Kids' Cancer

“Let’s make the letter C mean cookies,” it says on Cookies for Kids’ Cancer website.  Cookies for Kids’ Cancer in a non-profit organization founded by parents of a child who fought pediatric cancer. 

Helping Hands: Building an Autism Network

Parents of every stripe have the primary mission of making sure their children grow up with the tools they will need to be successful, useful, and prosperous as adults.  We do whatever we can to make sure they have opportunities to learn, grow, and discover from the time they’re born until they are old (and responsible) enough to make their own choices.

Best iPad Apps for Special Needs

Mobile technology is changing the way people view therapy for special needs.  In return, companies like Wynsum Arts and app developers are changing the way mobile technology works for special needs.  Many lists of the best iPad Apps for special needs are surfacing in Google searches.  Here are some of our favorites.

Wynsum Arts: Making Technology Work for Special Needs

Trying to sort through the hundreds of thousands of products for special needs is a hassle.  With the rise of mobile technology also comes another slew of apps and other products that may or may not have applications for special needs.  Wynsum Arts has introduced a groundbreaking new technology for filtering through the madness.

Not Acceptable "R-word" PSA Wins Award

How many times have we heard children (and even adults) say, “That’s retarded”?  The answer is probably too many to count.  While racial slurs and other derogatory terms have fallen out of popular use, the words “retard” and “retarded” are often overused and abused.

Brain Plasticity Brings New Hope to Children on the Autism Spectrum

If you are a parent to a child on the Autism Spectrum, you most likely have seen your child improve, at least somewhat, through therapy and through your own efforts to help your child. At the same time you know the depth of the mystery of your child’s condition and the frequent feelings of helplessness that may come over you.

BrightStar Reader for Dyslexia

If you or your child has difficulty reading due to a learning disability such as dyslexia, you understand how important it is to get treatment quickly; the faster you can improve skills, the faster you can catch up in the classroom or at work.

Autism Products to Save Your Child's Life

As a parent or caregiver of a child with autism, there are many resources and autism products that you can utilize.  None of the autism products available are going to cure your son or daughter, but they will make your job as the caretaker much easier.  Two of these products are Liquid Carnosine Plus, a beneficial dietary supplement, and a safety kit that is made especially for children with autism and their families.