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Special Needs App of the Day: NASA

Kids can become science lovers through exploration and technology.  Children are already using iPhones and iPads for “fun” apps, so why not include something with educational value as well?  NASA puts out a free app that includes thousands of images and information.

Special Needs App of the Day: Alien Buddies

We love cute and quirky apps, and let’s face it, our tastes aren’t that much different from your kid’s.  Alien Buddies is a learning app that includes several games in one bundle.  Learn to match colors, numbers, letters, and shapes, as well as solve puzzles with the adorable Alien Buddies characters.

New iOS 6 Helps Special Needs

Children with autism and other special needs are using the iPad and other Apple devices for therapeutic or educational apps, and Apple knows it.  On June 11, 2012, Apple announced the release of the new iOS 6, which includes some features beneficial for the special needs community.

Can You Prevent Autism with Folic Acid?

Hungry during pregnancy?  Try a bowl of cereal.  A new research study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that women who consumed at least 600 micrograms of folic acid daily had a 38 percent lower risk of having a child on the autism spectrum.

Is There a New Drug for Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a lifelong disorder caused by damage to a child’s brain before, during, or shortly after birth.  Symptoms vary in severity and include stiff muscles, involuntary movements, or cognitive deficits.  Some children are able to function quite normally, while others will require continued care throughout their lives.

Special Needs App of the Day: Social Skills Stories

Social skills stories describe an event, skill, or concept with included social cues or common responses.  For children with autism, these social stories can help them understand social events and appropriate ways to respond.  Social skills stories are meant to be told in a reassuring manner, so the audience easily understands and can apply the story to real life events and expectations.

Special Needs App of the Day: Speech4Good

This review is courtesy of Wynsum Arts' Every App Has a Story, the stories behind Wynsum Arts' distinguished apps.

Special Needs App of the Day: iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs

Let’s face it, dinosaurs are awesome.  So wouldn’t it be great if we could learn how to draw them?  iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs is an app that teaches just that.

Special Needs App of the Day: Rhyme-N-Time

Rhyming is an important skill for early literacy because it teaches children about the language and increases phonemic awareness, or the smallest units of sounds that build up words.  Rhyming also teaches patterns and structures of both written and spoken language, while also being a fun activity.

Book Review: Gifts

Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives is a collection of stories edited by Kathryn Lynard Soper that portrays the lives of mothers caring for their children with Down syndrome.