Struggling with Learning Reading, Writing, or Study Skills?

Struggling with Learning Reading, Writing, or Study Skills?

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One of the great things about fall is that the air is cool and sometimes, just sometimes, you even need to light a fire in the fireplace and then curl up on the sofa with a good book. At least that is how it is for me!

But, some kids and even adults don’t have that luxury because reading is difficult. Learning reading can be daunting for some kids. Learning reading is not quite rocket science but it does encompass many areas of learning. Fortunately, there is much you can do to make learning reading easier. And writing is involved with it too! And there are ways to make writing easier too!

The reason I connect writing to reading is because to truly comprehend what you read, you do need to use what you read. Total comprehension happens when you write. Writing is the doing part of thinking…you can’t write without thinking. And ultimately what we want is for our kids to be good thinkers.

So, one of the ways to help your kids that struggle is to spend 20 minutes a day with your kids, even just three to four days a week, and make that difference in your kid’s lives. Then they too will be able to curl up on the sofa with a good book!

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Written by: Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET See other articles by Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET
About the Author:

Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET, is the best-selling author of School Strategies for ADHD Kids, Family Strategies for ADHD Kids,  Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills, Ten Minutes To Better Study Skills and numerous others books and reading games. She is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and is internationally recognized as America’s Leading Learning Specialist and the founder of Terry is an expert in identifying students’ learning disabilities/learning difficulties. She is also host of Learning Made Easy Talk Radio that that airs every Tuesday morning: Ms. Terry coaches teachers and parents so they can give their child a 2 - 4 year learning advantage in just 20 minutes a day. She is a frequent media guest and speaker. Visit and for free teaching tips and information on LD, Dyslexia, and ADD.


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