Sensory Goods


Therapy Solutions at an Affordable Price! Sensory Goods is a company made just to meet the needs of people affected by developmental disorders. We provide an inventory of product designed to meet autism and sensory integration needs. We carry items like weighted and floor products, sensory swings, oral motors and more. 

This company was formed by the owner to continue an effort him and his family had been working on since 2006. The effort was to not only bring awareness to autistic and sensory integration needs but also a therapeutic solution at an affordable price. The effort began in 2006 when the owner was informed that his two children were diagnosed with Autism. Just like everyone else, they had to find a way to help their children’s needs on a strict budget. So his family began to make therapy products for their children at home. They had found an  affordable way to help with needs and realized so many more people could use the help. They started off with a hand full of products that quickly turned into an entire inventory in hopes to meet the demanding response.