activities for special needs children

Yoga for People with Disabilities

Imagine a calm room with zen music streaming from the speakers, and an instructor directs the people in the room to place their hands on the floor and their buttocks in the air.  You might recognize the pose as the downward dog, but it might take a moment to realize it’s not your typical adult yoga class.  Yoga instruction for children and adults with disabilities is increasingly in popularity.

Activities for Special Needs Children: Social and Emotional Skills

Social skills needed for peer relationships are not always taught, and children with special needs do not always pick up these skills on their own.  Understanding emotions is important for an individual and for learning how to interact in peer groups.  Focus on some activities for special needs children that focus on social and emotional skills.

Activities for Special Needs Children: Expression Through Dance

For children with special needs such as sensory processing disorder, autism, or other socio-emotional or physical difficulties, enjoyable activities might be few and far between.  Children with these needs might have a list of symptoms, including poor attention, difficulty interacting with peers, limited body awareness, or trouble being in social situations that might be over stimulating.  Expression through dance or participating in group movement are activities for special needs children that can h

Tactile and Sensory Activities

Tactile and Sensory Activities for Special Needs Children

Language Skill Activities for Special Needs

Language Skill Activities for Special Needs Children

How to Choose a Special Needs Summer Camp

It might seem as though spring has just begun, but camps are already advertising and enrolling for their summer programs.  Doing some research early will ensure your child a spot in the summer camp of your choice.  Consider the following steps when searching for the right types of special needs camp.

What You and Your Child Want

School-Based Programs

Today I’d like to bring your attention to martial arts programs that may be available to your child during their day before they even get home!

What is Equine Therapy?

Many parents are given discouraging news about their children with disabilities -- this prognosis gives little hope to parents of these children, which is an unfair and negative situation.  There are therapies many parents have never heard of, including equine therapy.

Book Review: Kids Beyond Limits

Parents of special needs children know about everyday struggles, and oftentimes feelings of hopelessness cannot be avoided.  Anat Baniel’s new book Kids Beyond Limits offers a method supported by brain research with a healthy side dose of empathy and hope.

Music & Special Needs: Cooper Plays the Piano

Ten-year-old Cooper is teaching his twin brother to play Hot Cross Buns on the piano. Cooper, who has Down syndrome, has been playing the piano since he was 8 ½ years old.  I ask him how his brother is doing. Cooper says: “I showed him how to use three fingers to play Hot Cross Buns. He is doing okay.”  There is a proud smile on his face.  His mother says: "Cooper has always been the one who holds back with his brother in the lead, but now he is the leader, and it is so nice to see the confidence building that has occurred."