The IEP Process Explained by an Attorney

Christopher Knauf is the founder of Knauf Associates in Santa Monica, CA. His law firm specializes in disability rights and education-related legal disputes. He has also served as an independent hearing officer for Section 504 special education disputes. Mr. Knauf was kind enough to speak with and answer some questions about the overall IEP process.

Autism and Interactive Toys, A Mom's Experience

Pregnancy is a time of joy, great changes, and exciting waiting. All parents prepare for the birth of their baby one or another way. They pick wallpapers or paint color for its room, moms look through babies clothes sections on the sites, dads assemble baby’s cradle.

Parents-to-be spend hours picking the right name, beautiful and unique, they find funny variants and laugh. Future mothers learn how to breathe, fathers learn how to stay calm and support their partner.

Help for Parents of Learning Challenged Children

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Why it is that some children love learning and mine is continuing to struggle?

Why is it that my child struggles with reading?

Why is it that my child struggles with writing?

Why is it that my child struggles with math?

If any of this resonates with you, keep reading.

I was part of a Parenting Your Learning Challenged Child telesummit a few weeks ago. If you missed it, here is the recording of the interview.

Go to Pro - Back to School - 5 Steps to School Success

The kids are back to school or will be back very soon. Are their ways you can help them have school success? Can this year be different than last year? 

The answer is yes! You can enhance your child's school performance, whether your child has a learning disability, ADHD, or other learning challenges. Join Bonnie Terry on the 5 Steps to School Success Webinar. It will surely help boost your child's school success.

Go to Pro: Help for Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism - Video Lessons

School Can Be Easier Than You Think

For those of us that have children that struggle, school is often a time of stress. Will this school year be just like last year or will this year be the year that reading, spelling, writing, and math actually get easier?

This year can be the one that really changes the trajectory for your child. This school year can be the year that your child actually turns the corner.

Holiday Relationship Repair for Families

When holiday season rolls around, we all want to be able to sit around the dinner table and experience something reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting. Unfortunately, the holidays tend to bring out the worst in some families. Dr. Travis Bradberry, co-author of the bestselling Emotional Intelligence 2.0, shares some insight on how to repair relationships between family members by focusing on the manner in which conflict is handled.

Anxiety and Autism

Anxiety is one of the biggest challenges facing individuals on the autism spectrum.   Parents and therapists and other professionals all want and need to know how to effectively manage feelings of anxiety in individuals with autism.  While anxiety and autism seem to go hand in hand, there are relatively few resources that help manage these emotions. 

Author Rebecca Woods an Inspiration to All Moms

It seems like so rarely do we see autism in fiction, and when it’s done as well as Living Through Charlie, one has to wonder at how much truth really lies behind the story.  While it might have started out more like a memoir, author Rebecca Woods says it really ended up as a novel, “because real life, for the most part, isn’t as interesting as fiction.”

Book Review: Clever Carter

Being proactive about autism awareness is really the key for educating the public.  When Sara Park’s son was diagnosed with autism, at first she didn’t tell many people, until something clicked and she knew she could help educate others.