Chiropractic Treatment and Special Needs

The child who is labeled as having ADHD, Aspergers, autism, dyslexia and other learning difficulties will generally present with an imbalance of hemispheric function called a "functional disconnection syndrome." Usually, diminished sensory input to one side of the brain begins as retained primitive (neonatal, survival or postural) reflexes.

DIR/FLOORTIME: A Developmental Approach to Play Therapy for Children Impacted by Autism Treatment

Often children who have been derailed by developmental delays like autism present for treatment with very poor or no apparent play skills. There is an equally low level of interest in engaging with play partners. This has led to a pessimistic view by psychiatric clinicians of the play capacities of children with developmental challenges.

Early Diagnosis and Independent Assessments: Paving the Path for Your Child's Success

• Autism topped President Obama’s 24-point medical agenda, calling for increased funding, and screenings for all infants.

• The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for all children to be screened for autism twice before the age of two.

• The Center for Disease Control’s report on the incidence of autism: 1 in every 110 children; 1 in every 70 boys is diagnosed with a disorder on the Autism Spectrum. [And a recent study from South Korea suggests even higher incidences. -Ed.]

Family Coaching Improves the Well-Being of the Whole Family

Everyone is affected when a child has significant developmental, social or emotional challenges. Whatever the diagnosis"or even if you don’t yet have a diagnosis"if you’re parenting a child with special needs, your entire family feels the impact.

Support for the Journey

A woman’s daughter has just been diagnosed with autism. A couple struggles to deal with their brain-injured baby, still in the NICU. These courageous parents face an unknown journey with no preparation and no road map. What do they need? They need to be able to share their remarkable stories, to allow their grieving to unfold, to let go of their dreams for their child and for their own lives. They must manage the stress of day-to-day life and learn to navigate the systems of care and funding required for their child.

Lives of the Therapies: Autism Movement Therapy®--Aut-erobics® Movement & Music Sensory Integration to “Wake Up the Brain”

The brain is an information processing wonder. We process and store information in either long term or short term areas of the brain. When we need that information again, we retrieve it via a pathway (white brain matter) in the mapping area (gray matter) of the brain.

New Year’s Resolution: Plan for My Child’s Future

Dear Developmental Doc,
I am the father of a 6 year old boy who is severely handicapped by autism. My wife and I are doing everything we can in regards to getting him the best interventions available. But I have a nagging feeling that it’s not enough. The other night, I woke up in the middle of the night haunted by the question, who will take care of our son when we can no longer do the job? We also have a neuro-typically developing 3 year old, but I wonder whether it’s fair to saddle her with the long-term responsibility of taking care of her brother? Do you have any suggestions?

Social Skills Groups for Children and Teens with Autism

y Dr. Esther Hess, Ph.D. (aka “The Developmental Doc”).