The Road to Diagnosis

Many parents of children diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome follow a long, twisting path as they try to find out what is going on with their child.  Many children with AS are initially diagnosed with everything from ADHD to mood disorders.

Firing the Butler and the Maid . . .

. . . A strategy for helping your child with special needs learn to problem solve.

Moms and Dads of children with special needs tend to take on the role of butler and maid far too long for the well-being of their son or daughter. As a consultant I have seen how the pain and guilt of having a child with developmental challenges affects the expectations parents have for their son or daughter with Autism, Asperger, Pervasive Developmental Disability or Attention Deficit Disorder. 

Take a True Vacation with Autism on the Seas

Imagine taking a vacation with the whole family--a real vacation. And on that vacation, parents can rekindle their relationship, siblings can go on adventures, and kids with special needs can be themselves and have fun doing things like ice skating or going to a pool party with new friends. Autism on the Seas is a unique company offering vacations just like this to individuals and families living with special needs.

Special Needs App of the Day: Motion Math Hungry Fish

Motion Math: Hungry Fish makes learning math a fun game for children and even adults! It is a highly visual app in which a hungry goldfish must be fed with numbers. There are up to 18 levels of increasing difficulty, from matching numbers, to adding and subtracting, and even negative numbers.

Pinching bubbles together adds the numbers inside and works on fine motor skills. As you feed the fish, it grows bigger. If he doesn’t eat enough numbers, he shrinks. Win a level and you get to unlock new colors for your fish.

Activities for Kids: Coffee Filter Fun

Parents who are looking for something fun to do with their kids away from electronic devices this spring may want to consider the things that can be done with a coffee filter. This versatile item that is common to most households can be used to create crafts, do a science experiment or play a fun game. Here are three ideas for things to do with coffee filters the next time your kids are bored and looking for something new to try.

Colors in Black

YogAbility for People with Disabilities

Jerry is a tall, lanky 19-year-old with autism and gastro-intestinal issues. He began coming to YogAbility, a nonprofit organization, 10 years ago. He used to have frequent tantrums, screaming fits, and wore a protective helmet. Since he began yoga therapy, Jerry has grown tremendously in the way he communicates with people. He is more grounded. He even does poses on his own at home.

Special Needs Advocacy 101

"Is my child getting all the services he/she needs or am I falling behind?"

"My son is a year old, but all he does is make noises, I’ve never heard any words come out of his mouth.   I’ve mentioned this to the pediatrician on numerous occasions and the doctor just tells me not to worry.  He says my son will talk when he is ready.  What does that mean?"

3 Anxiety-Busting Solutions for Autism

Here are three practical, simple solutions caregivers can use to help reduce anxiety and deal better every day with a child who has anxiety from autism.

 Autism spectrum disorders and anxiety go hand-and-hand like sneezing and a cold.

When Homeschooling Chooses You

I never thought I would be a homeschooling parent.  My husband and I bought a house in a neighborhood that gave us access to the area’s best public elementary school.  When my twin boys were babies, I would cruise by the school, fantasizing about dropping and picking up my kids.  It was before the word "autism" became part of our vocabulary.

Kate Winslet, a Hat, and Autism Awareness

It all started with a documentary from Iceland called A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism. The film needed an English-language narrator, and Oscar-winner Kate Winslet was sent a copy to watch. The story of Margret Ericsdottir's journey to discover whether her severely autistic 11-year-old son, Keli, would ever be able to speak moved the actress. It changed her. “I . . . knew I couldn’t just lend my voice to this documentary and go home,” she says in an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal.