Team USA vs. Team Morocco - With Heart and Soul, there are no losers!

     The Special Olympic World Winter Games Austria 2017 was an event filled with athletes having more heart and soul, and sheer determination, that I have witnessed in any group of people.  Special Olympics is more than just competitors striving to win over their opponents, and in my opinion, has a much more deeper and meaningful level: to give these inspirational men and women, both young and old, a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their abilities and talents in a world that in many cases does not have the pleasure or insight to see.

Special Olympics Chairman Dr. Tim Shriver and NBA Star Sam Perkins take to the rink in the Special Olympics World Games Unified Sports Experience

Photo Credit: Freddie B. Photography™

       The Unified Sports Experience (USE) is a Special Olympics program that brings together Special Olympics athletes, professional and Olympic athletes, dignitaries and celebrities on the same team in a one-day sports competition event as to, in part, to provide an inclusive and competitive experience.  The USE stems from Unified Sports, which is a program that promotes social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities with more than 1.2 million people throughout the world taking part in the program.