Book Review: Clever Carter

Book Review: Clever Carter

Being proactive about autism awareness is really the key for educating the public.  When Sara Park’s son was diagnosed with autism, at first she didn’t tell many people, until something clicked and she knew she could help educate others.

Clever Carter: A Story About Autism is just that -- a simple story about a very remarkable boy who yes, is different, but through the story you discover different is not a bad thing. 

Meant as a classroom aid or to be used by parents, the book helps teach about the typical behaviors of autism, and it includes everything from inattention, playing alone, wandering, and little sense of fear to sensory overload and finger flapping.  Told in rhyming lines with a cheerful lilt, the story is ideally read aloud and even discussed after the story is finished.

Kids are very intuitive, and while they might not know the word “autism,” they can tell when their peers with autism are acting differently than they might do.  Rather than seeing it as a bad thing, kids can get the answers as to why people with autism act a certain way.  Most of us know children are fascinated with the “why” question, and so few resources are available for children to really get those answers about autism. 

Clever Carter is filling a void we certainly need, and it will be the top resource for parents and classrooms for educating youngsters about autism.  Teachers and parents of neurotypical children will also benefit from reading the book, as they will also gain a real understanding of autism.  And with understanding, acceptance will follow.

The images on each page also provide an accurate visual display of the words, which will also facilitate learning and understanding.  The whole book presents an air of friendliness, and the reader can tell the care and motivation that went into it. 

Clever Carter will be available in July 2012.

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