A Lifesaving Medical ID That Travels Anywhere You Go

A Lifesaving Medical ID That Travels Anywhere You Go

Let’s say you’re the kind of person who is always prepared. You carry a flashlight in your car, bandages in your purse, jumper cables in the trunk. But imagine, for a moment, the worst-case scenario: you’re in the middle of a medical emergency, the paramedics are on the scene, but they have no information about you or your child, your allergies, medications, or even your IDs!

Of course, emergency providers are trained to respond quickly and to the best of their knowledge, but there is some information that would help them make informed decisions about your medical care.

“As a paramedic,” says Rod Brouhard of About.com “I want to know if a patient has diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, epilepsy or any of a dozen more diagnoses. These are all common conditions that we are very familiar with, and I immediately know how each condition can impact the patient during this emergency just by the name of the condition.”

Emergency Seatbelt IDTime saved equals lives saved, that’s why Kathryn Turner created MediPal Inc’s Emergency Seatbelt ID, a product that effectively presents EMTs with critical information needed to provide the best care and treatment possible.

The Emergency Seatbelt ID “wraps around your seatbelt and attaches to itself with Velcro®. Inside, a double-sided, tri-fold document contains critical information such as, your medical condition, medications, allergies, blood type, contact information, the location of any advance care directive, medical history and more.”

Kathryn and Emerson

How did Medipal Inc.’s Emergency Seatbelt ID come to life? “Emerson, our little girl, was born with daily intractable seizures and required major brain surgery to save her life”, says Medipal Inc. founder Kathryn Turner. “This condition left her without the ability to speak for herself”. That’s how her journey began, to provide EMTs with the information they would need to treat her treasured daughter.

“The seatbelt belt location became the obvious choice”, she adds, “right out in front where an EMT would look to free you from the car. Now there is no need to waste time looking though wallets, purses, glove compartments etc.” Besides the seatbelt, the Emergency Seatbelt ID can be worn practically anywhere, such as on your backpack, belt, wheelchair and more.

Emergency Seatbelt ID on WheelchairMedipal’s Emergency Seatbelt ID is a perfect tool for anyone with allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. If you have a relative with Autism, Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s or any other medical condition or circumstance, it only makes sense to have their medical information on hand at all times.

Mathew Price, Paramedic in San Diego, CA says, "I would be very pleased to come on scene and find the Emergency Seatbelt ID. Information about an individual can influence how they are treated by paramedics and where their destination will be if further treatment is necessary.”

Emerson, Kathryn’s daughter, is now almost 10 years old, with a happy-go-lucky attitude and a great sense of humor. “Without Emmy”, Kathryn adds, “the MediPal Seatbelt ID would not have been born”.


About Medipal Inc:

Created in 2003, Medipal Inc has created and sold the seatbelt ID to the general public. Believing in “giving back” Medipal inc is open to work with organizations for fundraisers and large group discounts.

For more information visit medipal.com or contact founder Kathryn Turner at 760-659-0559 or [email protected]

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