New iOS 6 Helps Special Needs

New iOS 6 Helps Special Needs

Children with autism and other special needs are using the iPad and other Apple devices for therapeutic or educational apps, and Apple knows it.  On June 11, 2012, Apple announced the release of the new iOS 6, which includes some features beneficial for the special needs community.

Apple has always been pushing the envelope and forwarding people’s expectations of what mobile technology is and what it can do.  One new feature of the new iOS 6 is Guided Access, which keeps children from exiting a program they are using.  In a sense, it’s a way for parents or educators to “lock” children into an app by preventing them from tapping the home screen.  This feature will help children with special needs stay focused on the task.  Apple even mentioned this feature is useful for children with autism.

While Apple might have only mentioned autism by name, children with ADHD or other learning disabilities will benefit from Guided Access.  When children have a hard time staying focused, it is often too easy to tap the home button or quit in the middle of a task.  Guided Access allows parents and educators to “confine touch input to certain parts of the screen,” which is a useful application when children are taking a test or completing an assignment on the iPad.  Parents and educators are spending money for these quality apps -- now you have a way to keep kids engaged and really utilizing the app for all its worth.

What is really impressive is that Apple is taking the initiative to enable their products for everyone, including individuals with special needs.  Apple is helping make technology work for all users, no matter their abilities.

The new Apple iOS 6 is scheduled to arrive this fall and will be available for wireless upgrade on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

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