New Technology For Leg Bag Users: How the Freedom Flow™ II is Changing Lives

New Technology For Leg Bag Users: How the Freedom Flow™ II is Changing Lives

Asking for help with personal care can be uncomfortable at times. For some people it’s a daily occurrence. People using a catheter have to deal with the extra chore of emptying their leg bags, which can be problematic if they have limited mobility. This requires them to rely on a caregiver multiple times throughout the day just to get something done that should be fast and simple.

Most people who have to deal with this task have experienced times when it is impossible to have their leg bag emptied because there was no assistance available. This can turn into a dire situation causing painful urinary tract infections. It can also cause dehydration because people are afraid to drink too much knowing they may not have the opportunity to empty their leg bag.

Dynalloy, Inc., a high-tech engineering company that already has the experience with several other products related to the medical industry, was approached by two successful professors in the field of engineering--Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis and Dr. Mori Fatehi--to create the solution for this very personal task. They were inspired by one of their students at USC to create the Freedom Flow™ II, a wireless leg bag emptier that allows users to empty their leg bag on their own with just the push of a button. 

The Freedom Flow™ II gives people the independence to live their lives without having to rely on friends, family, or caregivers to empty their leg bag for them every time. It is completely wireless, so there is nothing that attaches to the wheelchair and does not use the wheelchair’s battery supply. The device comes with a charging dock that will allow the unit to hold a charge for 1-2 weeks when plugged in overnight.

This unique leg bag emptier uses a simple pinch mechanism to keep the leg bag tubing pinched shut. When you hold the button on the remote, the valve opens up, releasing the tube and allowing the urine to flow out. Once the button is released, the valve will close again, pinching the tube shut and preventing any leaks.

The advanced technology used in the Freedom Flow™ II is impressive in itself. Dynalloy, Inc. is the world leader in manufacturing Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator wires made under the name Flexinol®. These are very tiny wires made of Nickel-Titanium that change their shape when heated. These wires replace solenoids and motors because they are drastically smaller and audibly quiet. This allows products like the Freedom Flow™ II to be lightweight and silent when operating. It is also fast so that people can empty their leg bags discreetly in about 15 seconds.

The wireless feature of the Freedom Flow™ II is different from any other electric leg bag emptier already on the market. People who have been using it so far are incredibly impressed by its reliability and design. SMA’s are extremely durable and last through millions of cycles, which means the Freedom Flow™ II can be opened and closed millions of times without wear or fatigue.

The Freedom Flow™ II is manufactured by Dynalloy, Inc. and can be purchased directly through the company for $399. To learn more about how you can purchase the Freedom Flow™ II to help either yourself, a friend, or a family member become more independent, you can contact a sales representative at Dynalloy at (714) 436-1206 or go to

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