Push Girls’ Tiphany Adams an Inspiration for All

Push Girls’ Tiphany Adams an Inspiration for All

After a drunk driver hit her and her friends, Tiphany Adams was pronounced dead at the scene until the paramedics heard a faint sound from her, and even the hospital said she had a 5 percent chance of survival.  Now the gorgeous blonde stars in Push Girls, premiering on Sundance Channel June 4, 2012.

“We realize that today is a gift and tomorrow is not promised,” says Adams.  “We are so blessed to be here.” 

Adams spent several months in the hospital recovering from the accident, which happened during her senior year of high school.  While she was self-conscious at first to go back to school and concerned about how people might react to her having a wheelchair, she realized “I’m so much more than the chair and people love me for me.”

Push Girls is not just a show for people in wheelchairs, but it’s for anyone and everyone.  Even when tragedy comes, it gets better.  “We want to bring hope to those who go through tragedy -- knowing they will triumph over it,” says Adams.

Adams is “embracing the confidence and shining through no matter what.”  She and her fellow Push Girls hope what people take away from the show is awareness and education, “and laughter and joy and camaraderie about our friendship.”  Adams says while it’s just their lives the Push Girls are representing, not the entire wheelchair or special needs community, they want to be a voice for those communities and open the eyes of people who don’t know much about what it’s like -- she wants to push for a sense of acceptance and equality.  “We all have trials that mold us -- but we all connect together,” she says. “We are all one on a spirit level” 

Adams is very active and energetic, and she wants to continue to be fit and healthy and help train other people to make healthy choices.  She also wants to work with children and travel more often, as well as work on her new clothing line, “Wheely Famous.”  What you might not get from the show is that she’s very family oriented: “I go home once or twice each month.  Family values and even traditions are important.”

She also sees Push Girls as “a chance for me to get to inspire others.”  Adams certainly fulfills the definition of a Push Girl; she is confident and ambitious, and working with her fellow Push Girls to make a change.  “Your days are a gift,” she says. 

Push Girls airs on Sundance Channel starting Monday, June 4 at 10:00 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Sundance Channel

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