Improve Memory Skills Easily

Improve Memory Skills Easily

So many of our kids struggle with learning because they have poor memory skills, either auditory or visual memory skills. Their comprehension suffers. Their factual knowledge base suffers. One of the keys to improving skills is to improve your ability to remember the information you have been taught.

The basis of learning is ASSOCIATION. This is how we learn new material. We make associations with new material to something we already know. We might attach an emotion to the new material.

I like to think of this as having an opinion about what you are learning. Did you like the story/selection? Did you hate it? Were the characters like anyone you know? Have you been to a similar place where the story took place? Then, when you need to recall the information, bring up that opinion. I like to say to my students, do you remember what happened in the story you read yesterday? The one you thought was really stupid? They can immediately bring up the information because I gave them the association of their feeling about the story.

We decide how relevant the new material is, or we make connections with the new material.

When you harness the technique of associative learning and make associations on a conscious level, learning becomes easier.

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