Activities for Kids: Chase Games

Activities for Kids: Chase Games

Most of us have played the classic game of tag at some point in our lives, and we continue to pass on this activity to our kids. Make this classic chase game more fun with a few variations.

Balloon Tag

Activities for kids that involve balloons are almost always fun. In this chase game, it’s every child for himself. Each child is given a balloon on a string to tie around their ankles, and the children chase each other and try to pop the balloons of their opponents by stomping on the balloons. The last player with a full balloon is the winner.

Refrigerator Tag

Pick four areas to be “bases,” and label them with names such as “Love it,” “It’s ok,” “Don’t like it,” or “Never tried it,” to explain how children feel about food. One child is “it” and calls out the name of a food. The rest of the children must run to the base that corresponds with how they feel about that food; meanwhile, the person that is “it” tries to tag the opponents who are running towards a base. If a player is tagged, he becomes “it.”

Snake in the Grass

One player is chosen to be the snake, and he must crawl on the ground like a snake. The rest of the players, who must stay within a given area, run around trying not to get tagged by the snake. If a player gets tagged, he must also crawl on the ground like a snake. The last player standing is the winner.

Stuck in the Mud

In this chase game, one person is “it” and tries to tag other players. If another player is tagged, she becomes “stuck in the mud.” She can only become unstuck if another player crawls between her legs; if that player touches the stuck player’s legs, he also becomes stuck. The game is over when everyone is tagged, and the last person to be tagged becomes “it.”

Outdoor activities for kids like chase games are great ways for your kids to stay active and release some energy. You might need to modify the games based on the children’s skill levels; children who have difficulty paying attention might need a chase game that does not involve a lot of directions, or children who do not like physical contact might not enjoy the “Stuck in the Mud” variation. Many of these activities for kids involve taking turns and following directions, and these chase games are great ways to achieve these goals. They also promote social interaction and cognitive and problem solving skills.

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