Book Review: Kids Beyond Limits

Book Review: Kids Beyond Limits

Parents of special needs children know about everyday struggles, and oftentimes feelings of hopelessness cannot be avoided. Anat Baniel’s new book Kids Beyond Limits offers a method supported by brain research with a healthy side dose of empathy and hope.

The Anat Baniel Method offers nine essentials and innovative movement activities to help children with disabilities ranging from the Autism spectrum, ADHD, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disabilities. The book offers hands-on instruction, so parents and caregivers may achieve results.

The method is centered around brain research and how changes in the brain enables positive results, as the brain begins to heal itself. Parents of special needs children want techniques that work, and Baniel shows in her book how her method can be the tools for miracles.

The nine steps of Baniel’s method produce challenges for children with special needs and how parents can incorporate these in everyday activities. These nine steps are outlined:

  • Movement with Attention: Bringing attention to purposeful movements allows the brain to make new connections and creates the opportunity for understanding and growth
  • Slow: Starting with “baby steps” is the best way to achieve success and increase opportunities
  • Variation: Creating new experiences gives the brain new information and facilitates new pathways for connections and growth
  • Subtlety: Empower your child with sensitivity and patience
  • Enthusiasm: Recognizing victories and praising accomplishments gives drive and excitement to your child
  • Flexible Goals: Set attainable goals based on your child’s needs, and smaller goals lead to larger goals down the road.
  • The Learning Switch: Switch the disengaged child to an open and stimulated child
  • Imagination & Dreams: Imagination is inspiring, and dream big for a fulfilling and bright future
  • Awareness: Increase your child’s awareness and understanding of themselves and their world, and let the world be a place of discovery

The method encourages a focus on connection rather than “fixing,” which allows parents to de-stress and maximize their child’s potential for growth and development. These techniques can be applied to children with a wide range of abilities and diagnoses.

The Anat Baniel Method is science-based, so critics of new therapies will be pleased that there is evidence to back up the techniques. The method works on cognitive, physical, emotional, and creative well-being, and it is a tool that can be adapted to your child’s needs.

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