Spring Break Family Activities

Spring Break Family Activities

Family Activities Bring a Good Time

Spring has finally arrived…and that means it’s time for some adventures! I recall one of the big adventures for me as a 12 year old girl was going to the “Loop,” Downtown Chicago. My girlfriend and I, along with my 14 year old sister and her girlfriend, went downtown by ourselves. Now it was quite a trip, because we had to take two busses each way. It was about 25 miles from our house. And we’d spend the day window shopping and going to lunch at the Woolworth’s lunch counter. Other adventures took us bicycling to various parks or hiking in the forest preserves.

Family activities As a family, we’d often go to the museums during spring break. We went to the Field Museum, to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs, and of course, to the Museum of Science and Industry. Once I had my own children, no longer living in Chicago but in Northern California, we’d go to the state capital or to Sutter’s Fort, Indian Grinding Rock State Park, or to the railroad museum.

It really didn’t matter what the adventure was, the important thing was that we were spending the day together as a family. So any type of adventure would do! Sometimes it would be a trip to the roller rink or to the movies.

As I recall all of these good times, I thought I’d give you a few suggestions for family activities that you can even add a twist to, which also improves factual knowledge and memory skills. That’s what we often did, and that sure helped us to remember a lot of the places and facts we learned.

So, my gift to you is a short list of family activities…excerpts from The BT Family Activity Book. Get more of the over 80 activities here.

Family Activities Field Trips:

  • The state park
  • Regional park
  • The river
  • Bakery
  • Pet shop
  • A historic site: Go on-line and do a search on Google for historic sites in your city, town, county, or in your state and you will find numerous ones that youcan visit for no or very low cost.
  • Bike hike
  • Hike a trail
  • Go on a picnic

Family Activities At Home:

family activities

Make them characters from your favorite nursery rhyme, book, or movie. Use lunch-size bags, crayons, markers, buttons, yarn, & glue.

Family Activities Stretch…Improve Learning Skills

Take pictures and collect brochures from the places you visit. Once you get home from your day of adventure, take time as a family to talk about your day and even write a paragraph or short story about it. Put the paragraph or story into a scrap book with the pictures you took or even drawings you make. This will make a great family scrap book filled with love and adventure.

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