Book Review: I Am A Child Just Like You

Book Review: I Am A Child Just Like You

“I Am A Child Just Like You” by Travis Breeding is a beautiful book that seeks to teach children acceptance and understanding for those who are “different”, and to look past those differences and find the things that they have in common. The book is told in the voice of Mason, a boy with Autism, who uses everyday examples to help us understand him. “I Am A Child Just Like You” has beautiful illustrations by 14 year old Kimberly Freeman that help Mason’s words come to life.

Mason tells us how he is different: “You might like Spiderman and I like Thomas the Train. I think in pictures, you might think in words”. He also shows us how he and his peers could be the same: “I am like you. I like to play with toys. I like to run around and jump up and down”.

Mason gives us some great insight into the reasons for his actions: “I want to follow the rules, but I don’t like rules that are not written where I can see them”. “Sometimes I think about too many things at once and have a meltdown.”

His words of wisdom could be used to help school-aged children as well as their parents, understand the mind of a child with autism: “Please be patient with me, so I can learn how to interact with you.”

Author Travis Breeding was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 22. Growing up, he knew that he was “different” and found it difficult to relate to his neurotypical peers. “I was alone and desperately wanted to fit in”, he says. “For a long time I really wanted a friend who would be around for a very long time”, he adds, “a friend who would accept me for who I was and would be understanding to some of my challenges regarding autism”. That’s why he wants to help to educate people about Autism and other Spectrum disorders.

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