A Good Teether Can Be a Sanity Saver!

A Good Teether Can Be a Sanity Saver!

A good teether can be a sanity saver, just ask any mommy with a fussy baby! The new Nawgum teether will be your new BFF in baby oral support. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, Nawgum helps soothe each stage of tooth development, from gums to incisors and even far-reaching molars.

What’s different about Nawgum is it’s unique cactus shape and textures. They’re placed in just the right spots for easing painful areas. And in case you’re wondering, Nawgum is BPA free, CPSC Compliant, made of food grade silicone, dishwasher safe (top rack please) and USA MADE!

Nawgum’s easy grip and fun shape make this all-in-one teether a must have for families with special needs kids. Winner of the Family Choice Award, the Nawgum was tested by a family with twin boys, one of whom has Borderline MR. Typically, the parents have to buy different products for each of the children. The Nawgum was intended for their neuro-typical child. However, they soon found out that both boys were sharing the Nawgum! The parents were happy to see that the children had something to bond over. Now they both have their very own Nawgum, but enjoy using it together.

So how did this wonderful product come about? Four years ago, an inventive mom noticed something profound. Her six-month-old daughter could not be satisfied with traditional teething toys, especially when dealing with those back molars. She was either disinterested in most teethers or, worse, they were consistently gagging her. That’s when Mello & Co. founder and product developer, Sue Kellogg, made the choice to design something better.

After consulting with a group of dentists, an orthodontist, and a pediatrician, Kellogg was armed with information to help determine how a product could be universally developed for an average child’s mouth. The size and weight of Nawgum, along with preferred textures, were born from Mello & Co.’s product research and a successful six-month field study with children up to age two.

Mello & Co. is a Michigan-based baby and child product development company. Founded by Sue Kellogg, mom, and product designer. Mello & Co. focuses on delivering simple, safe and engaging products for children. Their philosophy? Serve up smiles with USA MADE products.

For more information, or to purchase your own Nawgum, visit them at www.melloandco.com

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