AT&T and Exmovere Partner to Fight SIDS

AT&T and Exmovere Partner to Fight SIDS

There are almost 2,300 incidents of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) each year. Now, by wirelessly enabling Exmovere’s patented biosensor pajamas for infants, AT&T makes it possible to monitor your baby’s critical vital signs, such as heart rate, skin temperature, moisture, and movement. The data is sent to the parent’s smart phone, tablet or computer and can be used not only as a preventative measure against SIDS but also to interpret your child’s behavioral and emotional changes so that you can know what your baby feels in real time.

The snap-on wireless transmitter device called Exmobaby will be sold with pajamas in four sizes ranging from 0-12 months. Glen Lurie, president of emerging devices at AT&T said, “Providing parents and caregivers access to real-time baby monitoring and special alerts through a wirelessly connected device should help deliver unprecedented peace of mind.”

The device is designed to be soft, comfortable and safe for babies, but parents wary of exposing their infants to the Exmobaby transceiver might be interested in the non-wireless version Exmovere is currently developing, which would display the data on the garment itself.

Exmobaby is not designed to provide medical diagnosis or treatment, but the device’s ability to marry biosensor and wireless communication technologies puts it ahead of traditional “walkie-talkie” style monitors and may give parents peace of mind.

No launch date or pricing has been set for Exmobaby, but Exmovere is currently searching for distributors and health care providers to help make the technology ubiquitous and affordable.

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