Win this $797 Awaken the Scholar Within Program!

Win this $797 Awaken the Scholar Within Program!

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As a dyslexia and ADHD expert I know kids often struggle with learning. And, I know that parents try their best to help their children. After all, I believe we as parents have two missions in life. The first is to be our best selves and the second is to help our kids be their best self. When you kids struggle with learning, it is difficult for both of you to be your best self. But what if it could be easier? Is it possible?

What would it be like if your kids could learn with greater ease? What would it look like if homework time didn’t take so-o-o long? That can happen! I finally decided to share the visual processing activities I’ve been using with my students over the last 35+ years. I’ve put those exercises into our Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Program. The program has video and audio lessons that come to you every week for 12 weeks. Doing the simple activities and exercises will improve visual processing, auditory processing, and tactile and kinesthetic processing skills that impact learning.

The basis of the program is our understanding of how we learn, that we take in information through the senses: seeing (vision system), hearing (auditory system), and doing (tactile/kinesthetic system). When those systems are working well, learning becomes easier. So the Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Therapy Program does just that. It strengthens those learning systems in just 12 weeks.

For example, visual processing impacts the following…

For the first time ever, I’m offering one of our ASW Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Therapy Programs for free to the lucky winner of our contest.

Enter our contest to win!

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“Thanks so much for putting this program together for us. I’ve done so many different things to help my son, but no one ever gave me the insight and the specific activities to actually help me son myself. What a change this has made. Simple activities that really make a difference! Thank you is not enough!”

Maria G. mom

Contest closes September 30th.

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