Dora’s Story

Dora’s Story

Hi everyone. How are you all today? As for me, good. Just chillin in my bedroom on Skype.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, hi my name is Dora. I am age 20, I am totally blind, I use a screen reader on both my Iphone 4 and my Windows XP Desktop, and they all only read words. I was basically born weighing in at 1 pound and six ounces on December 26, 1991 in Vancouver British Columbia Canada Children’s Hospital . Not sure how many inches though, but oh well. I think I was a Preemy because my mother drank while still carying me, and I think that’s why I have mild Feedal Alcohol Syndrom! Then I moved to Port Hardy British Columbia Canada which is a small town on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. My parents names are Tommy and Elizza Speck. My dad Tommy Speck passed on when I was only age 12. Cause of death? Well, all I heard was he fell and hit his head. Must have been a hard hit because he’s not with me anymore. In Spirit he is, but not physically, although I wish he was I miss him so much! My mom Elizza on the other hand is in a care home because after my dad Tommy Speck died, she basically let herself go and didn’t really take care of herself. I go to see her sometimes, although I just wish it was more often! I feel bad whenever I have to go! I can tell when she doesn’t want me to leave! I feel I’m the only one she’s close to most of all. First, she was staying in a care home in Campbell River British Columbia Canada. Then she moved to Comox British Columbia Canada which isn’t far from Campbell River. Then in August she moved to Victoria British Columbia which is right at the bottom of Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada. I love her so much, and I hope to see her soon again! At five months, I was moved into my aunty and uncle’s place! Their names are Charlotte and Willie Walkus. Yes, they’re my aunty and uncle, but they’ve raised me since I was five months! Reason being is because my birth parents, Elizza and Tommy Speck drank too much! So now I’m in the hands of Charlotte and Willie Walkus, and they will forever be my parents no matter what!

Right from when I was born until the age of 17, I was able to see lights, shadows, and colours out of my right eye only because my left eye is totally blind. Then at age 17, I lossed all the abillity to see lights, colours, and shadows out of my right eye due to a hemorage and loss of oxygen in the optic nerve. I pray in my mind every day that I will have the abbillity to see my colours, lights, and shadows up in Heaven again. That’s another thing about me! I am Christian. I was born and raised as a Christian, and I will forever be a Christian! That will never change, ever! God is my father, and the rest of you here on Facebook, Youtube, Skype, and Twitter are my brothers and sisters! That’s how I think of you because I am a caring person, and that will never change! In my mind, I feel like I’ve changed many peoples lives without knowing it unless they tell me! I’ve made close friends, and hope to make more in the future as long as I can trust them and they are open and honest with me!

What do I look for in a boy? Well here are your answers. I look for Honesty, love, attention, Christianity, support, one who’s maybe 2 to 3 years older then me, 1 to 2 years younger then me, or the same age as me! Doesn’t matter to me if they can or can not see at all because I’m the type to accept a person for who they are whether they have special needs or not. I strongly believe in that, and that will never change! Because of my mild Feedal Alcohol Syndrom, I sometimes watch cartoons, but I’m afraid to tell people because I’m afraid of being made fun of. Sometimes I even spin in a chair along to music mostly even though I’m 20 years old. Spinning has been my thing since I was rather young! I still like the Backyardagans and other Cartoons. I also have a big time crush on Justin Bieber! Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 at 12:54 A.M! Justin can’t have a girlfriend because he’s travelling and doing conserts so much he says “I won’t be able to give that girl what she needs!” So now you know a bit about me. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and have an awesome, fantastic Bieberishes day, okay? God bless, and bye for now. Love you!
Dora Speck

Editor’s Note: Dora Speck is an avid follower of from British Columbia. We are truly inspired by her cheerfulness and ability to overcome any visual disability through her use of screen reader technology. You can follow Dora on Twitter and Facebook.

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