Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway Combo Pack

Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway Combo Pack

Thomas & Friends star in this feature-length movie King of the Railway, available in a Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack. Everyone’s favorite little blue engine, Thomas, along with his Steam Team are joined by some new members who work together to solve mysteries and save the day.

This movie introduces Stephen, who is based on the “Stephenson’s Rocket” which happened to be one of the most advanced and fastest steam engine of its time. Other new “friends” who come to the island are Millie, Connor, and Caitlin.

This movie delves into the stories of the Island of Sodor, where long ago the legendary king’s crown was lost. With the arrival of the Earl, Thomas and his friends discover many mysteries and a life-like suit of armor. What they also find out is that the Earl is restoring the Ulfstead Castle to its former glory. During this process there are new arrivals on the island and new tasks for Thomas and his friends to achieve. They learn “being useful is very important.” And everyone in his/her own way has something to contribute.

The story brings out knightly fun for both boys and girls. And, in conjunction with this new release, Fisher-Price is releasing new games, books, activities, and an app related to all the medieval items and the new undertakings happening in the film. Marketing is in full swing when it comes to this new Thomas adventure.

Thomas & Friends are beloved characters around the world. This little blue engine has entered the hearts of generations of kids, sparking imaginations and interest in both trains and discovery. The stories of Thomas & Friends ignite lessons of friendship and cooperation and enforce other values kids should learn to incorporate in their lives. Believe it or not, Thomas & Friends is popular in over 185 territories and has been translated into 30 languages. Trains bring people together, no pun intended, and have been a source of fun and imagination for generations of kids and adults. Even though air travel is prevalent in many societies, train travel still holds its charm and romance for adults and adventure for kids.

Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, the Movie is available on a single DVD and in a DVD+Blu-ray Combo Pack. There are several bonus features, including music videos and a puzzle game in which kids guess the picture as it’s being put together. There is also a question and answer game with questions from the film. Answering them correctly helps Thomas find the lost crown. All aboard for a new feature-length movie starring Thomas and all his friends.

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