Special Needs App of the Day: i.AM Search

Special Needs App of the Day: i.AM Search

Discover the best apps for autism with Wynsum Arts i.AM Search. This app makes it easy to discover which apps for autism are right for your child.

As children with special needs are not “one size fits all,” it can be difficult to find the right app for your child. i.AM Search has identified over 700 apps for use within the autism community. The app works by helping parents sort through these apps to find the ones best suited for their child’s needs.

Within the i.AM Search app, you can create a profile for children, including information such as their age, gender, grade, symptoms, independence level, and skill sets. The app then generates a list of apps appropriate for your child’s skill level, age, and needs.

The i.AM Search app allows you to:

  • Create profiles for multiple individuals
  • Search for apps particular to parameters in each profile
  • Save and share apps with friends, family, teachers, and therapists
  • Search an ever-growing database of apps as the iTunes store continues to expand
  • Search for apps outside of the created profile

Each app has been selected and rated by a team of experts, including educators and doctoral candidates. Wynsum Arts also keeps tabs on which apps for autism are being used, which helps create data for research, so researchers and developers can continue creating meaningful apps.

Wynsum Arts founder Gailynn Gluth created the idea for i.AM Search through her own personal experience — as a mother to a son with Asperger’s syndrome, Gluth found it was necessary to simplify and organize the tools to assist children with special needs.

Apps for autism are engaging ways to use technology to help our children learn. Most parents would agree that any device and tool that helps their children succeed is welcome, and today’s technology often offers great solutions for children with special needs.

i.AM Search provides suitable apps for children in preschool through their higher education years. The best part? i.AM Search is free. Download from the iTunes store here.

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