Achievement and Learning Centers

Achievement and Learning Centers

Achievement and Learning Centers for Students with Learning Disabilities

As parents to children with special needs or learning disabilities, it may feel like there is never enough you can do for your child and his education. This feeling may even be more prominent when your child is not succeeding in school, even after an IEP and several accommodations from the school. There is no need to give up. There are several achievement and learning centers across America that can help boost your child’s grades and confidence.

What is an Achievement Center?

Achievement centers are organizations that help children and young adults with disabilities. Achievement centers can help individuals with disabilities that range from physical, mental, emotional, and social. These centers usually focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills. It is an encouraging environment that helps children grow and develop through the use of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling. These centers are important for helping young children develop essential skills, such as walking and talking, despite their disability.

What is a Learning Center?

Learning centers are similar organizations that are usually focused on school-age children. These centers work with speech and language pathologists and educational specialists to aid special needs children and children with learning disabilities. Learning centers act as a supplemental aid to the education your child receives in the classroom.

Lindamood-Bell — An Example Learning Center

Lindamood-Bell is one of the most well known achievement and learning centers across America. They have 47 locations throughout the states, as well as one center in Sydney and one in London. They also train teachers and professionals in their successful methods.

Lindamood-Bell provides language processing that everyone, despite his disabilities can learn. They serve several children with a variety of different disabilities. The process starts with an evaluation that ensures your child receives the proper education and instruction fit for their needs. All of the educators are also very encouraging and go the extra mile to make sure children are progressing in their understanding. Each Lindamood-Bell center takes extra steps to make their building safe and comfortable. They do this by implementing “green” cleaning products and by decorating the centers like one would decorate their home. This helps children feel more relaxed and ready to learn.

What makes Lindamood-Bell stand out from the other learning centers is that their approach is not just to teach children how to do better in school. Instead, the specially designed program helps children be able to self-correct their learning mistakes and begin to learn independently.

If your child has special needs or a learning disability and needs extra help with their development or education, check out your area for achievement and learning centers that cater to special needs children. The extra help they receive there will help them immensely in the classroom.

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