Schools for At-Risk Children

Schools for At-Risk Children

The right school is the key to your child’s educational success. However, if your child has learning disabilities or personality disorders, finding the right school for him can be a challenge. Many of these children are considered “at-risk,” and other schools do not want to help.

Depending on your child’s needs, a regular school or special education school is not right for them. Instead, they need a school and program that not only helps them succeed educationally, but also gets to the heart of their personality and offers ways to treat and remedy their disorders. Two schools to consider are Holmstead and Heritage. Both are special schools designed to help individuals with behavior, mental, and social disorders.

Holmstead School in Ridgewood, NJ

One school that is a good fit for children and young adults with learning and behavioral issues and disorders is Holmstead School in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Holmstead School describes themselves as a low-pressure learning environment. Students are encouraged to do their best and pick courses that appeal to them, while still meeting the proper requirements. Holmstead also has small class sizes to minimize distractions, especially those caused by students with behavioral-management problems.

Along with an impressive curriculum, students will also receive psychological services and therapeutic intervention, in the form of individual counseling and group counseling. Holmstead cares not just about an individual’s academic success, but their overall well-being and personality. They help prepare each individual for life outside of the classroom.

For more information about Holmstead School, check out their website,

Heritage School in Provo, Utah

Another impressive school for at-risk youth is the Heritage School and therapeutic center in Utah. This school is located on a gorgeous nineteen acres. Heritage School was founded for many different individuals with a variety of learning and behavioral disorders. Such individuals include but are not limited to those with severe mood disorder, bipoloar disorder, anxiety disorders and substance abuse disorders.

Alongside the school’s curriculum, the school offers treatment for students. Such treatments include therapy, equestrian therapy, and therapeutic recreation. The school works with families to heal broken relationships.

More information about Heritage School can be found at

If you have a child or teen that other schools have given up on due to their disorder or behavior, do not give up hope. There are several rehabilitative schools available. Two schools that really shine are Holmstead and Heritage.

At-risk youths and students with behavioral disorders do not need to know you have given up on them. Instead, they need an alternative that will help them meet their educational and physiological success.

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