Special Needs App of the Day: i See-quence Daily Schedules

Special Needs App of the Day: i See-quence Daily Schedules

While the app entitled “i See-quence…My Daily Schedule, Recall My Day and Learn Calendar Concepts” might be a mouthful, it capabilities live up to expectations and fulfill a multitude of goals.

The app is a part of the “i See-quence” series, which involve photo stories to support individuals throughout different tasks and events. This particular app in the series includes 57 pictures that illustrate different events throughout the day, such as breakfast or going to school. The app also allows the user to upload personal photos, and you can individualize the text statements that go with each image. The pre-uploaded images are real-life photographs that accurately depict the event.

For each step in the event, the user can record audio, and you have the option of personalizing the story line. Use the checkmark feature to show the completion of each task.

The i See-quence app allows for multiple users, and after selecting a user, you see a list of “books,” one for each day of the week. There are also books for favorites and calendar concepts. In each book, you can view the calendar date and look at the day’s schedule. Once you complete tasks in your schedule or throughout your day, you can mark it with a check.

At the end of the day, you can go back through your book and review what you did that day and check to see if you missed any tasks. The Calendar Concepts book visually represents each day of the week, and your child begins to learn how to use a calendar for scheduling plans and learning about the days of the week and the days of each month.

As with all the apps developed by I Get It, LLC, the i See-quence My Daily Schedule, Recall My Day and Learn Calendar Concepts app is very easy to use, and children will enjoy helping you create schedules, uploading pictures, and recording audio. It is an interactive interface that teaches responsibility, task completion, and daily routines. It is an ideal app for children with developmental delays, autism, or other pervasive developmental disorder, and it is a helpful tool for parents, teachers, speech and language pathologists, and other professionals.

The app is designed for iPhone and iPad and costs $2.99.

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