Special Needs App of the Day: iLiveMath

Special Needs App of the Day: iLiveMath

Don’t just learn math — live it. The iLiveMath app series from iHomeEducator blends math with themes from around the world. The series includes the themes:

  • Animals of Africa
  • Winter Sports
  • Oceans
  • Speed
  • Trains
  • Ford Cars
  • Farm Fresh
  • Entomology

The app tests math skills through illustrated questions, which also requires children to apply their math skills. Level 1 involves basic counting for beginners, Level 2 teaches addition, and Level 3 introduces problem solving.

In the Farm Fresh theme, Level 1 includes pictures, and children are asked to count colored foods, and pop-ups acknowledge correct and incorrect answers. Level 2 introduces the “Stone Soup” folktale, followed by a series of questions asking learners to add numbers together. The third level asks a series of story problems with themes of agriculture.

In addition to learning math principles, the first level of the iLiveMath Farm Fresh app can be used to teach colors, fruits and vegetables, and patterns. The second level includes a folktale, so students can also practice their reading skills as well as learn about the theme of teamwork. The third level introduces vocabulary, such as “bushel,” “pint,” “peck,” “liter,” and so forth, and it involves multi-step operations to problems. These mental math puzzles might be difficult for some age levels.

The flow of the app allows a student to start with simple principles and work his way up through mathematical concepts. The app does not include music or animation, so it is not too flashy or over-stimulating. Sounds do occur when a student taps on a button or receives a pop-up for a correct or incorrect answer, which provides sensory feedback.

The iLiveMath series is a great way for children to learn mathematical principles, and it can be used to supplement material from the classroom. It can also be used within the classroom to provide a more engaging and interesting math-learning experience.

The app is designed for iPhone and iPad, and it costs $4.99.

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