Special Needs App of the Day: Jellybean Tunes

Special Needs App of the Day: Jellybean Tunes

Learn how to read and compose music with Jellybean Tunes! With a catchy name and colorful design, Jellybean Tunes is bound to excite and stimulate your child.

Creativity is essential for child development, and some children need an extra push to utilize their natural imagination and sense of discovery. Most children love music, and it is a great motivator that provides immediate auditory feedback.

Jellybean Tunes, an app for iPad, features a series of familiar songs. Flip through the pages of the songbook and tap on one you’d like to learn. Play each note of the tune as they scroll across the screen. Music teachers will delight in the fact the notes are shown on a musical staff, which helps teach children about real musical notation.

The Jellybean Tunes app also teaches children how to read music through a series of six narrated and animated lessons. Children will learn the names of the notes on the staff, and the app challenges your child through games to tap and name notes on the staff. Each time you tap on a note, it makes a piano sound of that note, which also encourages ear training and stimulates auditory learning.

In addition to recreating familiar tunes and learning how to read music, Jellybean Tunes provides a means for composition, and you can create and play back your own music.

The app developers also suggest taking the app to a real piano and playing the notes as they scroll on the screen. You never have to turn pages, and you get the stimulation from a real acoustic sound.

Most children show a natural interest in music, and Jellybean Tunes helps foster that curiosity by teaching basic music theory in a fun and exciting way. It can be a great supplement for private music lessons, or it can simply be an entertaining diversion.

Music has proven as an effective treatment, and it helps with cognitive skills (using music as a way to memorize facts), social interaction (this app provides opportunity for parent-child, sibling, or peer bonding through musical activity), and motor activities (using hand-eye coordination to tap the screen).

Jellybean Tunes costs $2.99 and is compatible with iPad.

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